How to add a Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) record in cPanel

This article shows how to create a Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) DNS record in cPanel.

A BIMI record is a DNS record that points to a logo file. This logo file can then appear in recipients' inboxes alongside messages sent by your organization. It is another way for recipients to help detect and avoid fraudulent messages. Additionally, BIMI functions as a useful branding tool by prominently displaying your company logo in recipients' inboxes.

Creating a BIMI record in cPanel

Before you create a BIMI record, you should:

  • Configure SPF and DMARC for your domain. For information about how to create SPF and DMARC records for your domain, please see this article.
  • Create an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) file for your logo. For information about how to do this, please visit

To create a BIMI record in cPanel, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to cPanel.
    If you do not know how to log in to your cPanel account, please see this article.
  2. Open the Zone Editor:
    • If you are using the Jupiter theme, on the Tools page, in the Domains section, click Zone Editor:

      cPanel - Domains - Zone Editor icon

    • If you are using the Paper Lantern theme, in the DOMAINS section of the cPanel home page, click Zone Editor:

      cPanel - Domains - Zone Editor icon

  3. Locate the domain, and then click Manage:

  4. Click Add Record:

  5. Create the BIMI TXT record with the following values:

    • In the Name text box, type default._bimi. cPanel automatically adds the domain name.
    • In the TTL text box, type 14400.
    • In the Type list box, select TXT.
    • In the Record text box, type v=BIMI1; l= Replace with your own domain name, and logo.svg with the URL to your SVG logo file.

  6. Click Save Record, and then allow time for the DNS TXT record to propagate. This can take as long as 24 hours, but is usually much faster.
  7. Test the BIMI record. For example, you can use the MX Toolbox at

More Information

For more information about BIMI, please visit

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