Discontinuation of Barracuda Spam Protection

In September 2022, A2 Hosting will stop supporting Barracuda Spam Protection. If you have been using Barracuda, you will receive a prorated account credit for the remaining unused amount.

For customers who host their DNS with A2 Hosting, end of support will take effect on September 2, 2022. Your email will continue to work as it does now. You do not need to make any changes.

For those who host their DNS with a provider other than A2 Hosting, end of support will take effect on September 6, 2022. For your email to continue to work as it does now, you must update your DNS settings with your provider. You should change your domain's MX record from barracuda.supercp.com to the name of the server that hosts your A2 Hosting account. For information about how to determine the server name for your account, please see this article. If you need assistance updating your DNS settings, please contact your DNS provider, or open a ticket on the A2 Hosting Customer Portal at https://my.a2hosting.com.

Email Hosting complete with Spam Protection from A2 Hosting

Our secure, full-featured Email Hosting solution is an excellent alternative to Barracuda. In fact, our Email Hosting costs 47% less than the cost of Barracuda alone and features advanced spam and virus protection at no additional cost. It also includes many other features—for a complete list of the differences between Email Hosting from A2 Hosting and Barracuda, please see this article.

We thank you for being a loyal customer of A2 Hosting, and we look forward to continuing to meet your professional email needs.

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