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Most people visit many websites on a regular basis. Sometimes we wish there were more hours in the day so we could visit all of these sites to get our information. RSS, an abbreviation for rich site summary, make this possible. That's because most news related websites and blogs deliver their content via an RSS feed format to any readers who want to access it. RSS reader software are time saving solutions that make it easy to collect all of your favorite news sources and aggregate them to a single, convenient location. RSS reader software allows you to access your news sources from whenever and more importantly wherever you want. There's no longer a need to access these sites individually on a daily basis or join every newsletter in a hope to get timely updates. All you need to do is select one of our RSS reader options and add the RSS feeds for the sites you want to your reader.

While the most popular feed reader was once Google Reader, that solution has been discontinued. These options provide excellent alternatives to Google Reader. Don't get stuck paying for your RSS feed reader! Choose one of our free options.

In addition to the RSS Feed Hosting options available from A2 Hosting, you can add a vast variety of functionality to your account! Learn how you can add a forumor image galleryto your site as well as host podcasts.

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