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Choose A Reseller Plan

Choose A Reseller Plan

Up To 20X FASTER  Turbo Servers
RAID-10 SSD Storage
WebHost Manager (WHM)
cPanel Control Panel
Free WHMCS or Blesta Billing System
Free SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
24/7/365 Guru Crew Support
Free Website Migration
Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Best WHM/cPanel Server

When it comes to hosting, the single most important factor is reliability. If your customers’ sites are down, it’s a big headache for you. You can lose your customers’ trust. Prevent this trouble and aggravation. Choose A2 Hosting for your WHM Hosting and you won't have to worry about that thanks to our fine-tuned servers backed by our  99.9% Uptime Commitment.

WHM Hosting - Speed, Reliability, Support & More!

WHM Hosting Reviews - A2 Hosting

When choosing a WHM Hosting solution, it's important to trust your provider. Here are just a few example of our Reseller Hosting customers who found success at A2 Hosting.

Experience The A2 Difference

WHM Hosting - Industry Best Solutions

Our goal isn't to win awards. Our goal is to offer the best web host solutionsthat are both blazing fast and ultra-reliable. Even so, we're still extremely proud of our team's accomplishments! Since our launch in 2003, their hard work has helped us earn recognition and accolades as the top hosting provider in the industry. 

Free Billing Solution With Your Reseller Web Hosting Account

Buy any of our Reseller Plans and get either a free WHMCS or Blesta license.



Extensible with powerful module system. Robust community.

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Open Source solution scales well. Stable and easy-to-use solution.

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Reseller Hosting With Free WHMCS

Not only do most of our Reseller packages include WHMCS for free, you also have the option to add additional WHMCS licenses onto your account with more features than our free version. See what's included with each Reseller package below.

WHMCS Options
WHMCS Starter:
250 Clients & WHMCS Branding
250 Clients & No Branding
WHMCS Professional:
500 Clients & No Branding
WHMCS Business 1000:
1,000 Clients & No Branding
WHMCS Business 2500:
2,500 Clients & No Branding
WHMCS Business 5000:
5,000 Clients & No Branding
WHMCS Business 10000:
10,000 Clients & No Branding
WHMCS Business 20000:
20,000 Clients & No Branding
WHMCS Business 30000:
30,000 Clients & No Branding
WHMCS Business 50000:
50,000 Clients & No Branding
WHMCS Business 100000:
100,000 Clients & No Branding
WHMCS Business Unlimited:
Unlimited Clients & No Branding

WHM Hosting - Features!

A mere 1-second page load delay impacts your bounce rate, SEO rankings, your conversion rateand ultimately your bottom line! You won't have to worry about any of this when you choose A2 Hosting and our screaming fast SwiftServer platform! That's because your sites come hosted on our speed optimized servers with your choice of server location, free SSDs, LiteSpeed web server and our up to  20X faster Turbo Server option all leading to better website performance! Our Turbo Servers now feature  AMD EPYC Servers with NVMEe drives with:

  • 40% Faster CPU Performance
  • 2X Faster To First Byte
  • Can Handle 9X More Traffic
  • 3X Faster Read/Write Speeds

Since our launch in 2003, we've had a strong focus on loading your account with the best versions of the most popular development software. Our servers support older versions too! Just some of the development software available in your account includes:

PHP 5.6, 7.1-7.4, 8.0 or 8.1 (Choose Your Version)     MySQL 5.6/MariaDB     PostgreSQL 9.6     Python 3.4     PERL 5.10     Apache 2.4     Node.js 12     FTP / SFTP     Free SSH Access     SSLFree SSL

At A2 Hosting, your Reseller Hosting account includes the user-friendly WHM control panel! Use WHM to quickly create and manage your customers' cPanel accounts, create and edit hosting packages, manage SSL Certificates, control DNS and much more! It couldn't be easier to use!

Are you ready to move your site to A2 Hosting, but nervous about doing the actual site migration to our servers by yourself? Don't be! In most cases we can move your site for free. Just  contact our friendly 24/7/365 Guru Crew Supportteam to request that they move your site for you! It's a worry-free migration! That means there's no more barriers for you to get your hands on all of our site speed optimization resources! Isn't it about time that you love your web host?

WHM Hosting - Need A Different Solution?

Don't see a service that fits your specific hosting needs? Don't worry, we have you covered! We offer a wide range of solutions bound to meet your requirements ranging from Shared, Reseller, VPS, Dedicated and everything in between including Managed WordPress Hosting. Looking for a new domain nameor SSL Certificate? We've got you covered there as well! Just click the button below to visit our Web Hosting comparison page. That's where you'll see a full breakdown of all of our high speed hosting services.

Compare Web Hosting

Faster Reseller WHM Web Hosting

WHM Hosting - The A2 Way

Your customers want fast hosting just like you do. You can both have it on A2 Hosting thanks to our blazing-fast SwiftServer platform. For even faster page loads, make sure to host on our Turbo Serversfeaturing up to 20X faster page loads compared to competing WHM Hosting options.

Not only does your Reseller account include WHM, but you also get the added benefit of  24/7/365 Guru Crew Support from our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Because we know your business relies on our hosting, your questions will be answered quickly and accurately. Just contact them via live chat, phone or email.

Get started now completely risk-freewith our Money-Back Guarantee! Not only will you love our service, but your customers will also love hosting their sites on our servers!

What Is WHM?

Short for Web Host Manager, WHM is an easy-to-use control panel used to manage a web hosting company. Use WHM to generate individual cPanel accounts for each of your customers. Everything you need to manage your reseller company can be accomplished with the click of a mouse from within your WHM control panel. WHM even allows you to create and configure your own lineup of hosting packages complete with your choice of setting specific disk space quotas, SQL databases, setup custom domains and more for each specific package. is the ability to set up custom cPanel branding for your hosting company.

WHM Features

WHM is loaded with features to help manage your customers and web hosting accounts. Here is a breakdown of the features included with your WHM account. Please note that each of your customers also will have access to all of the features included with cPanel to manage their accounts.

Server Configuration 

  • Basic WebHost Manager Setup - Choose A2 Hosting's white-labeled nameservers, or you can define your own for branding purposes.


Keep your customer's accounts secure with the following features.

  • Manage External Authentications - Set your authenticated users and providers here.
  • Two-Factor Authentication - Keep your account secure by requiring an additional piece of information to get generated to be able to log into your account. In addition to requiring a password to log into your site, a unique passcode will be generated to your smart device. Log into your account using both your password and the unique passcode. This makes it much more difficult for a password and an account to become compromised.


  • Remote Access Key - Allows you to log into your account with a password. Remote access keys can be used to authenticate with WHM's DNS clustering and remote API features.

Account Information

  • List Accounts - Search and view all of the accounts on your server. You can view each account by IP address, username or contact email address.
  • List Parked Domains - View each of the parked domain on your account.
  • List Subdomains - View all of the subdomains hosted on your account
  • Suspended Accounts - View each of the customer accounts you have suspended, the date of the suspension and the reason.
  • View Bandwidth Usage - See how much bandwidth each of your account's is using as a percentage of allotted amount.

Account Functions

Easily manage and create accounts for your customers with the following features.

  • Create A New Account - Generate a web hosting account for your customers. You can also view the available number of accounts, disk space and bandwidth usage in your account.
    • Domain Information
    • Username
    • Password
    • Email
    • Package Selection
    • Mail Routing Settings
    • DNS Settings
  • Force Password Change - Your users will not be able to access their accounts until they update their password.
  • Manage Account Suspension - Suspend (or unsuspend) accounts by domain or username and specify why the account has been suspended.
  • Modify An Account - Update an account's information including primary domain, username, contact email and more.
  • Password Modification - Reset account passwords on behalf of your customers.
  • Skeleton Directory - View the location of the skeleton directory. This gives you the ability to copy identical files within each of the new public_html and public_ftp directories accounts
  • Terminate Accounts - Delete a customer's account.
  • Upgrade/Downgrade an Account - Change an account's package.
  • Web Template Editor - Create placeholder pages for accounts that have not yet been configured, have moved, have been suspended or have a firewall issue.

Multi Account Functions

  • Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts - Bulk update account's package and language.


  • Change WebHost Manager Theme - Update your WHM theme.


Create, delete and modify the packages that you offer on your website and to your customers.

  • Add A Package - Create hosting accounts complete with cPanel management. Some of the features that you can set include:
    • Package Name
    • Disk Space
    • Monthly Bandwidth
    • Number of Email Accounts
    • Number of Databases
    • Number of Domains
  • Delete A Package - Select or delete packages you no longer need.
  • Edit a Package - Update the resources included within your created hosting packages.
  • Features Manager - Enable and disable the features and cPanel addons found in each of your user's cPanel accounts.

DNS Functions

  • Add a DNS Zone - Add an IP address and domain for each zone you would like to add.
  • Delete a DNS Zone - Remove generated DNS Zones.
  • Edit DNS Zone - Update your created DNS Zones.
  • Edit MX Entry - Update email routing and MX entries.
  • Edit Zone Templates - Update the default zone when generating your DNS entries.
  • Park a Domain - Create a secondary domain that points to a primary domain. If you visit the parked domain site, the primary website will appear.
  • Reset a DNS Zone - Update a zone file to its default settings.
  • Set Zone Time To Live (TTL) - A TTL designates the length of time a DNS server caches a record before an update is requested.


  • Mail Delivery Reports - Search for and reviews email messages that have been sent for your account. See whether or not the email was sent successfully.
  • View Relayers - View users on your account who have forwarded an email to a remote account.
  • View Sent Summary - View the total number of email delivery attempts for the domains on your account.


Each of your users receives their very own cPanel control panel. Here are some features to customize their cPanel Hosting experience.

  • Change Log - View patches, new features and fix history for cPanel and WHM.
  • Customization - Your A2 Hosting WHM account is completely white-labeled allowing you to use your own branding. Customize your user's cPanel account with features like your company name, support link, link to documentation, your company logo, webmail logo and favicon. You can also update your user's cPanel template from a number of options, or upload a custom style of your own.


Get free, expert WHM and cPanel assistance with these resources.

  • cPanel Development Forum - Get help customizing cPanel with APIs, plugins, remote integration and hooks.
  • Developer Documentation
  • Manage API Tokens - Allows you to log into a server with a password.


  • Generate an SSL Certificate & Signing Request - Create a self-signed certificate as well as a certificate signing requests for domains.
  • Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain - Install an SSL Certificate to a domain of your choice.
  • Manage SSL Hosts - View the SSL Certificates that have been installed on your account.
  • Purchase and Install an SSL Certificate - Offers you the ability to log into a cPanel account and buy an SSL certificate with cPanel's SSL/TLS wizard.
  • SSL Storage Manager - View all of the SSL keys, certificates and CSRs under your control.


Enhance your customer's account with the following features

  • LiteSpeed Web Server - Your customers will get faster page loads with LIteSpeed's drop-in, performance-enhancing alternative to Apache.
  • Softaculous - Offer your customers the ability to auto-install the most popular software to their accounts including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart and more!

Looking for additional control panels to be included with your hosting account? We've got you covered with support for cPanel, Pleskand many more!

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