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Helping Ukraine

  • Jun 16, 2022
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  • by A2 Hosting

As the war in Ukraine enters its fourth month, we continue to witness the heartbreaking impact the war has had on the Ukrainian people. This war has truly showcased the resilience and courage of the Ukrainian people as a whole, but even more specifically our Ukrainian colleagues.

Together with our customers, we were able to run a donation collection campaign to benefit Ukrainians impacted by the war. By the end of the campaign, we matched the collected funds and donated a total of $5700 to DC Charity Foundation, a small volunteer-operated non-profit organization where many of our staff currently volunteer. These funds will help procure much needed humanitarian aid in Poland, after which volunteers will hand deliver this aid to those in need in Ukraine.

We stand with the people of Ukraine and their loved ones as they endure incredible adversity. We will continue to take action to support our colleagues and their families impacted by the war.