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  • Up To 20X Faster Turbo Reseller Hosting

    Recently, one of our most requested features has been for Turbo Reseller Hosting. This is understandable considering we offer Turbo Servers, featuring up to 20X faster page loads, on our Web Hosting, Managed VPSVPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting packages. Our Reseller Hosting customers were requesting that they get the boost provided by Turbo as well. Your requests were received loud and clear. We have launched Turbo Reseller Hosting!


    Our Reseller customers, and their customers, can now experience the many benefits of our Turbo servers including:


    • Use less CPU and memory than Apache
    • Handle connections faster and more efficiently
    • Provide enhanced stability
    • SwiftCache – Our exclusive pre-configured website accelerator


    Are you a current customer who wants to move to Turbo? Just contact our sales staff for more information. Migration fees may apply.  

  • Introducing Our Amsterdam & Singapore Data Centers!

    It's obvious one of our primary goals is to offer you the fastest hosting service possible. Our team of engineers work hard everyday to optimize our servers so you get this fast service. With the launch of not just one new data center, but two, we're bringing those servers closer to your website visitors. After all, how close your data is to your visitors can have an impact on your site's load times. That's why we're excited to announce the launch of our service in both our European data center in Amsterdam and our Asian data center in Singapore.


    Our Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Managed VPS and VPS services are now available in both of these data centers. Best of all, our high powered Turbo service is available for each of these services in all our data center options as well. Interested in hosting your site in our Amsterdam or Singapore data center? Contact our sales staff for more information. Migration fees may apply.


    Interested in ordering a new hosting package in one of our new data centers? Just select the service you'd like to use and choose the data center of your choice from our order form!

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  • How To Get Full Source/Medium Referring URL

    Once in awhile I'll be looking at our traffic report in Analytics and notice a blast of traffic to us from a site that I haven't seen before. Unless that traffic is coming from the referring site's homepage, there really isn't a great way to see where it's coming from. This is especially discouraging if the traffic isn't converting at a high conversion rate. I want the opportunity to learn how we're being linked to, reach out to the site owner and discuss ways to improve the conversion rate.


    Have you run into a similar issue? It's definitely possible to access the specific referring URL in Analytics, but a custom report is necessary. It takes a few moments to setup, but once it's saved, you'll be able quickly access the report in the future.


    To see specific referring URLs:


    1. Click the Customization link at the top of Analytics.
    2. Select New Custom Report.
    3. Under Metric Groups, add the metrics Pageviews, Transactions and Ecommerce Conversion Rate.
    4. Next to Type, click the Flat Table tab. Add the dimensions Source/Medium, Referral Path, Language and Country.
    5. Next to Type, click the Map Overlay tab. Add the metrics Pageviews, Transactions and Ecommerce Conversion Rate.
    6. Save the report.


    This custom report will now be available for quick access when clicking the Customization tab. Select the saved report and you'll be given your Source/Medium report. However the difference is when you click one of the specific Source/Medium links, you'll receive a list of the pages for each Source that is referring traffic and sales to your site.  

  • Three Tips for Cleaner Code

    We all have written code that we later look back at and cringe. Sometimes you're in a hurry, working too late into the night against the hours and your standards begin to slip. Or if you're new to a language or a framework, you may not know the best patterns and stumble your way into a spaghetti-like monstrosity. Whatever the cause, we have all been there. There's a lot of things that can be done to keep your code under control. I'll just touch on a few of them here.

    Consistent Indentation
    Whether you prefer tabs or spaces, the key to keeping your code clean is to keep it consistent. Indentation gets out of control when tabs and spaces are mixed. This leads to code which is nearly impossible to follow because blocks no longer line up properly. It's easy enough to avoid; pick the method you prefer and stick with it. Make this standard clear with your team and enforce it. If you do choose spaces, make sure that everyone is on a common standard. If you go with tabs, everyone can choose their own tab size but nobody can choose to interpret the tab as multiple space characters or things will again turn into a mess.

    Consistent Naming
    It doesn't matter if you prefer camelCaseNaming or underscore_naming of variables and functions. Just keep it consistent throughout your code. It's even acceptable to use one for variables and another for function names. Again, as long as the distinction is consistent. When making a choice, think about what's the standard for the language you're writing in, and if at all possible, stick ot the standard. This will make it easier for future people who inherit your code (including yourself), to understand it on first reading.

    Descriptive Naming
    Minimizers are a common and useful tool, but the code they output is usually hard to follow. The biggest reason being the variable names are all one meaningless letter. When choosing your own variable and method names, err on the side of verbosity. It's a lot easier to understand exactly what getAccountTransactions() is going to do on first glance than getActTrans(). The latter may be discernible in context, but it might not be. Maybe it's for an auto parts or communication application and Transmissions are a thing. There's essentially no extra cost to the longer name, since you should hopefully be using an editor with auto-completion available, and your code can be minized for production if overall length of the source becomes an issue.

    There's virtually no limit to the number of best practices one can adopt to improve the quality of their code output. This is a topic where no matter how experienced you are, there's always room for improvement. It's also an area where any investment of effort is repaid many times when you have to go back and deal with your own code long after you wrote it.

  • Plenty Of Excitement Coming Down The A2 Hosting Pipeline!

    It seems like we only give you sneak previews of our exciting, upcoming services at the beginning of each year. This just doesn't seem like enough coverage to justify all of the hard work our engineers and developers put in everyday to launch our wide selection of innovative, exclusive products. Here is a quick look at the products coming to you soon from A2 Hosting.


    • Up To 20X Faster Turbo Reseller Hosting

    Since launching Turbo Servers for our Web Hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers, our Reseller Hosting customers have requested the use of this service. Rest assured that our Turbo Servers featuring up to 20X faster page loads will soon be available on our Reseller Hosting packages.


    • Custom Dedicated Servers

    Rather than a sneak preview, we've already updated our Flex Dedicated and Managed Dedicated Server lines. These servers now allow you to fully customize your service by letting you add more RAM, storage and drives.


    • New & Improved Cloud Hosting

    Our new Cloud Hosting service will include access to whole virtual datacenter, the ability to deploy VMs, manage snapshots and will even offer a virtual private cloud option.


    • Barracuda SPAM Firewall

    We currently are testing Barracuda with a group of beta testers. When adding this service to your account, all incoming mail will be processed through the Barracuda server and scanned for potential SPAM and viruses. Messages meeting the SPAM criteria or those potentially with viruses are kept on the Barracuda server. Messages that pass the filters are sent through.


    • Memcached Turbo Shared Hosting

    Memcached is a caching solution that speeds up MySQL by keeping its data quickly accessible in memory. Unlike other shared hosts who do not allow caching solutions on shared servers, we already offer Opcache/APC and Turbo cache on our Turbo Servers. We are currently testing Memcached for use on our Turbo Servers.


    • New Datacenter Options

    Looking to host your website closer to your site visitors? We will be launching servers in Amsterdam and Singapore in the coming weeks!


    • Website Staging

    Test and review site updates before publishing them with website staging. This is another commonly requested service, especially from WordPress users, that we plan to begin work on within the next few weeks.


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