Outsourced WordPress Development Experts

Running into issues with your WordPress site but not sure where to get help or how much it will cost? We recommend Codeable, a WordPress freelancer platform that assists you with any of your WordPress projects that you need help with! They are the perfect solution whether you need help updating or customizing a theme, developing a custom WordPress plugin, troubleshooting and maintenance, or any other tasks that you come across.

Codeable has a strong quality focus, backed by their vetted experts, 24/7 support and a 28-day warranty upon project completion! Codeable experts follow pricing guidelines of $80-$120 USD per hour and estimates are based on the scope of work (approximate # of hours), complexity and urgency of a project. Best of all, we have partnered with Codeable so you get a $60 coupon towards your first project or consultation! Just submit your project details to Codeable to get started. You’ll get a free, no-obligation project estimate from proven WordPress experts. Hire your expert and relax knowing you can trust Codeable to deliver!

Get My $60 Codeable Credit

Available Features

Codeable Features
$60 Credit Towards Your Project
Customize WordPress Theme, Plugin or Site
Design/Develop Plugin, Theme or Site
Hand-Picked WordPress Development Experts
Fix WordPress Theme, Plugin or Site
Install/Configure WordPress Themes & Plugins
Money Back Guarantee
24/7 Reliable Expert Support

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