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Keep Your Site Relevant With Evergreen Content

  • Jan 07, 2016
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

Do you ever experience a nice traffic bump due to a new blog post, but that traffic quickly fizzles out? Wouldn’t it be nice to get more of a permanent increase in traffic considering all the time you spend writing your content? If so, you should consider an evergreen content strategy. Evergreen content is always timely because it remains relevant and fresh for your readers. It does not become obsolete.

Unlike most trees, evergreens retain their needles throughout the year as opposed to losing its leaves and requiring it to grow new ones. Likewise evergreen content remains relevant for a long time after it has been published and doesn’t die off or need to be refreshed.

This article you’re reading is actually an example of evergreen content because there really isn’t an expiration date on this post. Other examples include:

  • Company, product and service reviews
  • Encyclopedia style content
  • Tutorials

Examples of non-evergreen content:

  • News
  • Articles about trends
  • Rapidly changing stats

One real life example of non-evergreen content is our own blog post about the release of WordPress 4.4. This is timely content because it explains the new features found in WordPress version 4.4. However it is not timeless because once the next version of WordPress is launched, nobody is going to care about the features found in WordPress 4.4 any longer. The post becomes less and less relevant as more and more WordPress versions are released.

The trick to writing evergreen content is to imagine a countdown clock as you’re writing your content. If this imaginary clock could possibly hit zero, it means your content can become obsolete. You’ll know your content is considered evergreen if the countdown clock will never reach zero.

I am in no way implying that you should never write, or there’s anything wrong with a timely blog piece. That wouldn’t make sense. However I am proposing you consider a shift in your blogging strategy. It’s very much like an investment portfolio. Just as you should diversify your investments, you should diversify your content posts between timely and evergreen style content.

When you think of the color green, the connotation is something that is always new and fresh. Make your content “forever” green. Write content that is timeless, not just timely. Looking for timely hosting to get you the fastest WordPress page loads? Visit A2 Hosting now!

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