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Introducing TurboHub – Transform Your WordPress Experience

Computer monitor and phone showing performance section of TurboHub
  • May 31, 2024
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  • by Aaron D. Campbell

We are thrilled to launch our newest innovation: our WordPress control panel, TurboHub!

Our Legacy of Speed and Performance

At A2 Hosting, we have built a strong reputation in the web hosting industry as leaders in speed and performance. Our commitment to providing the fastest, most reliable hosting solutions has always been our top priority. And that is why we developed TurboHub. It not only helps speed up site performance, but it also streamlines managing your WordPress sites.

What is TurboHub?

TurboHub is our state-of-the-art WordPress control panel that makes WordPress sites faster than ever! It’s an essential tool that allows individual site owners to improve performance, site health, and security. And the multi-site dashboard simplifies the workflow for agencies and developers. From a single control panel, you can monitor and maintain all of your sites, creating a seamless and more efficient WordPress experience.

Features of TurboHub

Site Performance Optimizations

TurboHub’s comprehensive metrics help you gain in-depth insights into your site’s performance. It highlights top recommendations and allows for one-click changes to boost performance.

Performance Optimization shown inside TurboHub
Performance Optimization Feature Inside TurboHub

Single-Click Multi-Site Management

Managing multiple WordPress sites has never been easier. With TurboHub, you can see all your sites from a single location, making updates and performance checks a breeze. This is particularly valuable for agencies and developers handling numerous client sites.

TurboHub - Site Management
View multiple sites and make changes with a single-click with TurboHub

Site Health Monitoring

Keep your websites in peak condition with our site health monitoring tool! This is perfect for agencies and site owners with multiple websites and gives you an at-a-glance view of a site’s status to help you maintain smooth and secure operations effortlessly. Monitoring and maintaining multiple sites has never been easier!

Check websites for any status risks or warnings

Security Vulnerability

Through our partnership with Patchstack, we also alert you to high-priority plugin vulnerabilities so your site is never at risk. With the ability to see site risk at a glance, it helps you keep everything running smoothly and securely.

TurboHub -Security Vulnerability Alert
Alert for security vulnerability feature in TurboHub

Other features to enhance your WordPress experience:

  • Quick access to all of your WordPress sites.
  • Grant access to users managing your account or request access to sites you manage for others.
  • Automate plugin updates for each site.
  • Site notes to enable easy communication between team members or companies.
  • Quick access to databases, files, and email.
  • Status information that lets you know your sites are online and running, including SSL, domain, and nameserver status.
  • Ability to hide sites from search engines while under construction.
  • Ability to place sites in maintenance mode during edits.

How Do I Get TurboHub?

TurboHub is now available free for all WordPress sites on our Managed WordPress, Managed VPS, and Shared plans. By choosing one of our plans, you instantly gain access to TurboHub and can start experiencing the benefits of a faster, more efficient WordPress site. TurboHub can be conveniently accessed through your MyA2 panel.

Don’t have an A2 plan, take advantage of our low prices and get started with TurboHub today!

Stay Tuned for More

TurboHub is constantly growing and evolving. We have an exciting roadmap ahead of us with many new features and improvements planned! At A2 we are dedicated to providing our users with the best tools available, and we encourage you to stay tuned for future updates on how TurboHub can help speed up and secure your website.

What’s Next for TurboHub?

A few items on our TurboHub roadmap that will help us achieve our goal of providing WordPress professionals with fast setup, fast websites, and fast support:

  • A2 Intelligent Performance – Leverages advanced AI technology to automatically optimize your site’s performance. Easily monitor load times, uptime, and other critical performance indicators to ensure your site is always performing at its best. This will help you make informed decisions to continuously improve your site’s speed and reliability.
  • A2 AI assistant inside WordPress – Helps you write content, generate images, and answer common WordPress questions.
  • Enhanced Staging – Records changes to staging or live sites and lets them be pushed live or pulled back to staging.


Get started with an A2 Hosting plan today and get access to this new amazing tool and enhance your WordPress experience!


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