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A2 Hosting Excited To Announce Their Offering Of PHP 7.1 Hosting

php 7.1 hosting
  • Mar 13, 2017
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

Over the past few weeks you may have noticed that A2 Hosting has been on a tear launching new features. Just last week we announced how we were now offering free SSL and PHP 7 by default on our hosting accounts. Even though we had been supporting PHP 7 for about a year and a half, this was the start of our offering of PHP 7 by default on our accounts. This particular announcement caused quite a bit of excitement amongst our customer base.  To take our PHP Hosting offering to another level, we are excited to announce that we are now supporting PHP 7.1.

When PHP 7 launched, the performance boost over previous PHP versions was significant. In fact many of the speed tests showed that PHP 7.1 was up to 100% faster compared to PHP 5.6. PHP 7.1 continued on the PHP 7 improvement momentum with a number of its own enhancements. Some of the top new features that you will now be able to find in PHP include:

  • Push Support – PHP 7.1 now features server push support for the CURL extension.

  • Asynchronous Signal Handling – PHP 7.1 added a new pcntl_async_signals() function to allow asychronous signal handles without the use of ticks which can add significant overhead.

  • Easy conversion of callables to Closure objects.

  • Nullable Types – Prefixing a type name with a question mark now marks return values and parameters as nullable.

  • Void Functions – Functions using a void declaration for their return type must utilize empty return statements or exclude the return statement.

  • Symmetric Array Destructuring – You may now use “[ ]” as shorthand array syntax in order to destructure arrays for assignments instead of using existing list syntax.

Visit A2 Hosting now to get started with our PHP 7.1 Hosting solutions and try all of these new and exciting features for yourself!