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Boost The Performance Of Your Site With SSD Hosting!

  • Jan 30, 2013
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

At A2 Hosting, we’ve always said we want to provide hosting to our customers that we would want to use ourselves. Our solid state drive (SSD) Hosting falls right in line with this initiative. This is especially true since we use SSDs ourselves.

What’s the big deal about SSDs? Our performance tests show page-load speeds are up to 300% faster on SSDs compared to normal hard drives. It’s no secret that your site’s speed has a direct impact on everything from your sales and page views to overall visitor happiness. In fact, market research company the Aberdeen Group ran some tests to see how a 1-second page delay will impact a website. Their findings found that this delay caused a:

  • 7% decrease in your conversion rate
  • 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction
  • 11% fewer page views

These stats are very telling, and they don’t even get into another important benefit of boosting your site’s speed, SEO. So the question really isn’t why you should care about SSD Hosting. The question is how could you not? If you’ve worked hard on your site and are going to spend your time and money to drive traffic to it, give it a speed boost with our new solid state drives.

Ready to move your site to a brand new SSD drive? SSD Hosting is available on our Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Virtual Private Server solution and Managed VPS Hosting. Contact our sales staff for more information on moving to an SSD server.

Do you know someone who has slow hosting? Tell them about our SSDs! Make sure to send them your A2 Hosting Refer-A-Friend link. When they sign up for a new account, you’ll earn a $50 hosting credit. We’ve also added buttons in My A2 Hosting that make it easier than ever to post your Refer-A-Friend link to Twitter and Facebook.