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Buy A Hosting Package. Plant 3 Trees.

  • Apr 01, 2013
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

April 22nd may officially be Earth Day, but A2 Hosting is celebrating all month. In collaboration with, when you purchase any new hosting package during the month of April, A2 Hosting will plant 3-trees on your behalf! We do offer FutureServe Green Hosting after all and are 100% carbon neutral! We’re also based in Ann Arbor, MI (AKA Tree Town), the home of over 50,000 trees and over 150 parks!

Maybe you’re concerned with the performance of your site. Choose our SSD Hosting service, with page loads up to 300% faster than standard hard drives. An added benefit is SSDs consume roughly one-third the amount of energy as traditional hard disks. We’ll plant three trees!

Maybe you’re going to purchase a Web Hosting package from us because our partners like Sandvox, Drupal CMS, Mantis, Elgg and PrestaShop cart recommended us. We’ll plant three trees!

Maybe your website visitors are located in Europe and you are interested in our Iceland Hosting. Did you know our Reykjavik, Iceland data center uses geothermal cooling technology and is 100% green? We’ll plant three trees.

The more packages we sell, the more trees we’ll be planting! Let’s do some tree planting!