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Case Study: Cycling in the Heart of the Pyrenees

Pyrenees Cycling Lodge Owners
  • May 14, 2021
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

Deciding what hosting plan is right for your business is not always an easy task. This case study explores how a couple of professionals, looking for a new life, took over a business in the hospitality industry and the journey they took to establish their web presence. Starting in Shared, eventually migrating to VPS, speed, performance, and reliability were at the top of the list of needs for their hosting provider.

Everyone has a dream, but only a special few make it a reality. Mark and Niamh are passionate cyclists from Scotland and Ireland, but it was always their dream to turn their love of cycling into a business. When the Pyrénées Cycling Lodge, a bed and breakfast situated in the heart of the Pyrénées mountains in France, came available for purchase in 2017, the pair decided it was time to take action. “It was always our dream to go to the mountains in France,” said Niamh. “If we had waited any longer we would have missed our chance…so we just decided to do it.”

When Mark and Niamh took over the lodge and its digital properties, the business already had a name and established domain. “Having the domain name was really important to us,” said Niamh. “It’s a really important thing to have as it has “cycling” and “Pyrénées” in the url.” This allowed those searching for an adventure in the famous region to zero in on their business quickly. “We depend on our website for a lot of our direct bookings,” said Niamh. However, when they took over the website it needed a lot of work. The website was hosted on a small local provider and Niamh didn’t feel like it had enough power behind it to reach the global audience she was targeting. 

Niamh set out on Google to find a new home for her digital presence. Her requirements? Reliable service, speed & performance, and good customer service. “I can work my way around cPanel but I’m not very technical so I depend on customer service.” 

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Pyrenees Cycling Case Study

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