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Facebook Rolling Out Hashtags

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  • Jun 13, 2013
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

If you are a Twitter user, and you probably should be if you run a business, you know that using hashtags can be quite beneficial. Just some of the advantages of using hashtags in your tweets include:

  • Running #contests
  • Finding followers
  • Help people find you
  • Easy way to stay current without reading tons of news articles
  • Jump into the middle of a conversation

The word on the street is that Facebook is finally rolling out hashtags themselves. This means you’ll be able to experience many of the same benefits of using hashtags on Facebook as you would on Twitter. Of course there are concerns about privacy, but according to Facebook, only the people you share a post with will be able to see your hashtag. So when you do use them and care to share it with the world, make sure to make the post public.

Now before you get frustrated that Hashtags aren’t working for you, Facebook is still rolling them out slowly. Also it appears that anyone can type a hashtag in a post, but not everyone will be able to click on it.