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A2 Hosting Releases Performance VPS Hosting With 40% CPU Faster Performance

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  • Jan 19, 2021
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  • by A2 News

We are excited to announce the release of our revamped, performance VPS Hosting packages. Our VPS Hosting is perfect for when you need more power and flexibility than a Shared Hosting package, with the same ease of use.

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Why Our VPS Hosting Is Better

Each performance VPS now comes hosted on our premium AMD EPYC hardware. EPYC servers provide a number of advantages including:

  • Enhanced processing power with unheralded I/O capacity designed to reduce bottlenecks that could slow down a website.
  • Use of non-volatile memory express (NVMe) storage. NVMe drives’ read/write speeds are 3X faster compared to standard SSDs. This has helped A2 Hosting build our fastest hosting platform to date. 
  • 2X faster first-byte performance and 40% faster CPU performance compared to our previous Turbo plans.

Our performance VPS packages offer our customers a clear cut advantage because the choice of web host is a key factor in how fast a website performs. Studies have shown time and again that faster websites have higher SEO rankings, better conversion rates and lower bounce rates. This all leads to a better bottom line for your site and business!

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VPS Management Options

We offer both Managed and Unmanaged VPS options. These options are designed to fit the needs of two distinctly different types of users.

  • Managed VPS – Provides the perfect user-experience for customers comfortable in a Shared Hosting environment using the intuitive control panel cPanel. Our Managed VPS plans also feature free site migration providing a seamless transition if you have an existing hosting package.
  • Unmanaged VPS – Designed for experienced developers who are comfortable working with the command line. Unmanaged VPS plans also allow you to fully customize your server settings to your exact needs.

Why Choose A VPS?

Each A2 Hosting individual VPS includes its own operating system and runs independently of each other on the server. They also have their own allocation of resources like RAM, CPU and disk space. This provides you with an environment that closely mimics that of a Dedicated Server, without the costs associated with it.

Our VPS plans provide you with a number of advantages including:

  • Improved Performance & Isolation – You don’t share resources with other users. That means both you and your audience will enjoy enhanced website performance with a VPS.
  • More Control & Customization – Root access (available on both our Managed and Unmanaged VPS options) allow you to configure server settings to fit your exact needs. 
  • Cost Effectiveness – Experience many of the considerable benefits you would of a Dedicated Server, without the cost.
  • Highly Scalable – As your site becomes more popular, you’ll easily be able to ramp up your VPS’ resources to keep up with your growth.
  • Resource Intensive Software – Some software solutions aren’t compatible in a Shared Hosting environment because they require too many resources to run properly. A VPS can offer you those additional resources.

Getting Started With VPS Hosting

Try our VPS Hosting risk-free with our Money-Back Guarantee. Have any questions? Just contact our 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support team via live chat, email or phone. We’ll be happy to help. We’re looking forward to working with you!