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Ghost Scaring Away The Competition With New Updates

  • Sep 09, 2015
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

Ghost has launched its first major interface update in two years. I personally can’t believe it’s been that long since Ghost was launched and took the blogging software audience by storm. This update is exciting news especially if you’re a current Ghost user, or you’ve tried it in the past but didn’t think it was quite ready for prime time. Some of the new features you’ll see in this version of Ghost include:

Enhanced Navigation

While the top navigation bar on the previous version of Ghost was quickly running out of real estate, the new side bar menu is a huge improvement. This new menu is much easier to use and offers more room for navigating to the most used and important features. It also makes room for exciting new features expected in future releases.

Search Functionality

A common complaint about the old interface was how difficult it was to dig up old posts. Thanks to the new search feature, it’s easier than ever to find your archived content.

Quick Editing

If you come across a post on your site that needs to be edited, just add “/edit ” to the end of the post to quickly update it.

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