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How Much Content Should I Have On My Homepage?

  • Feb 20, 2012
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

Google has responded to a question about how much content you should have on your homepage. As you might expect, they gave somewhat of a wishy washy answer so users don’t try to game their system. Their answer was still useful nonetheless.

You don’t want too much content on your site that takes a long time to load. Not only will users get annoyed and leave your site, but Google also takes page speed into account when indexing your site. Obviously you don’t want a slow site! With that being said, the more quality and relevant content you have on your page, the more Googlebot is going to like your page.

It really comes down to having a nice balance of images and content. Remember that in this day and age, internet users really don’t read. They skim and view pictures. Make sure to use captions if you have a lot of images on your page. Google loves captions! To be on the safe side, Google does suggest that you aim to have more content on your homepage than less. So what exactly is “more content than less” actually mean? Like I said, they gave a wishy washy answer.