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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Plan for Your Needs

  • Jul 23, 2021
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  • by Kate Meda

Which Web Hosting Service is Right for Me? 

This is a common question among small business owners and there is no “one-size-fits-all” hosting package. And, just like clothing, one-size-fits-all doesn’t work in practice. Shoes vary by individual foot sizes, men’s dress suits fit based on measurable metrics like chest size and inseam, and Apple AirPods will reliably fall out of your ears regardless of how many silicone ear tip sizes you try. 

We offer three tiers of hosting packages here at A2 Hosting and finding the proper fit is vital to the success of your website whether it be a portfolio or an online store. 

So, let’s eat our way through our three-layered hosting package cake.* *(cake not guaranteed by the end of this post)

Our First Tier – Shared Web Hosting – Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, Turbo Max

Our Shared Hosting packages at A2 Hosting.

In Shared Web Hosting, your hosting account is stored on a single web server with other accounts. You share resources like: 

  • Disk space
  • Data transfer
  • Processing power 

with other accounts on the server.

For each web hosting tier, shared web hosting provides a low-cost, fully managed solution for new websites, portfolios, blogs, and small businesses.

Our plans feature: 

  • cPanel
  • Server Rewind backups up to 50GB
  • Unlimited storage, email accounts, and bandwidth*

*(for the exception of our Startup plan which caps at 100GB of storage and does not include backups)

Our Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plans not only include Litespeed, but are also built with NVMe storage, and the AMD EPYC processors.  They are often the better choice for a small site in need of additional power.

Our Second Tier – VPS Hosting

If you have a high volume of traffic but are looking for a more affordable plan than a dedicated server, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) plan is an ideal compromise. 

On a VPS plan, you share your server with other websites, but each account operates independently and has virtually partitioned resources. This prevents other accounts on the server from overloading or depleting your allocated resources.

This provides an affordable solution for a dedicated environment.

We offer two classes of VPS: our Standard and our Turbo plans.

Our standard plans feature: 

  • SSD drives 
  • An Intel CPU

Our Turbo class (or our standard plan on steroids) boasts: 

  • NVMe drives

AMD EPYC processors.

We also offer managed, managed with root access, and unmanaged VPS options. Not sure which one you need? Contact our sales team today

Our Third Tier – Dedicated Hosting

On the top of our three-layer cake is Dedicated Hosting. It is the highest-performance hosting option where your account is stored on an independent server and all resources are exclusive to you. On a Dedicated plan, you can configure your hardware and software to meet the needs of your website. When combined, this is a recipe for increased speed, uptime, higher SEO rankings, and security. 

This plan is meant for websites with an extremely high volume of web traffic and high resource usage. 

A2 Hosting recently launched our new Bare Metal Dedicated servers in 2021. We offer standard (Warp) and Turbo (Warp Turbo) classes. All plans include NVMe SSD by default, and you have the option to choose between Intel or AMD processors. 

The Turbo plan offers a chipset with stronger performance characteristics as well as Litespeed.

Our new Bare Metal Dedicated servers – standard tier.
Our new Bare Metal Dedicated servers – Turbo (Performance) tier.

Our dedicated plans come in managed, managed with root access, and unmanaged options. Not sure which one you need? Contact our Sales team today.

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