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How To Fit Social Media Into Your Hectic Schedule

  • Jan 28, 2015
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

Why is social media so important? The answer could be a separate blog post, but in short, it’s the language of today’s consumers. Social media gives your business a quick and direct line of contact to your customers and target market.

Your social media strategy should not be neglected. That’s easy for me to say. Most businesses and employees are swamped as it is. You would probably have more time to work on your social media sites if days were expanded to 25 or 26 hours. Seeing how that isn’t going to happen, here are some quick tips to help you fit some social media strategy into your already hectic schedule.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed By The Options – The amount of social networks available today is overwhelming. You don’t have to be connected to each one. Start with Facebook as it has a stranglehold on the social media market share. You’ll probably want to get involved with Twitter as well. If you feel ambitious, Google+ and Pinterest are two more of the more popular options.

Share Same Content On Multiple Networks – Once you’ve decided which networks you’re going to be involved in, don’t be afraid to save yourself time by sharing the same content on multiple channels. After all, developing that content is time consuming and hard work!

Keep It Current – You will need to engage your audience a few times a week so they keep coming back. Otherwise what’s the point?

Keep Your Profiles Current – You’ll want to make sure your profiles are current especially when you engage new or potential customers. Make sure they see your most current information!

Be Genuine – Even if you only have a few spare moments to engage your audience, they’ll appreciate you being yourself and not automating the entire process.