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How To Make A Trustworthy Website

  • May 09, 2013
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

I’ve read a lot of studies saying that if you add some sort of 3rd party trust seal to your site, your website visitors are going to be 80%, 90% or even 200% more likely to purchase from you. While these seals probably do help to a certain extent, developing trust with your audience goes a lot deeper than merely putting a seal on your site. Let’s explore some ways you can develop trust with your audience.

Site Design


You could have the most innovative product and exactly what your site visitors are looking for, but if your site looks like it was put together haphazardly or like it is from the 90’s, it’s difficult to build trust. We’ve all seen a site like this and it is only natural to wonder who are the people behind the site. Not everyone has a huge budget for designing a site, but there are plenty of affordable and even free template sites you can use. If your site is outdated, it may be time to refresh it with a new look!

Write An About Page


Like I said, it’s important for your visitors to see who is behind the company. That’s what an About page is perfect for. Tell your visitors about you, your employees and your company’s story. Knowing that there are actual people behind the company is a huge trust builder.

Have A Blog & Keep It Updated


A blog is the perfect way to put your own creative voice behind your company and products. Your visitors will appreciate it! You’re going to want to keep it updated though. If you haven’t posted since 2009, your visitors are going to wonder if you’re still around and available, especially if you have any questions!



Ask the customers who you have your closest or most high profile relationships with for a review of your product or service. As we know, peer reviews are invaluable. Let your site visitors know about your existing successful customer relationships to help increase their own comfort level.

Proofread Your Content

This rule makes me paranoid because I’m scared I’m going to have a grammatical error in this post and look like a hypocrite. Even though it’s risky to suggest this, I can’t urge you enough to proofread your content for spelling errors and grammar errors. When someone reads the content on your site, it’s in place of speaking to them in person. You want to keep your professionalism at its highest level by having error-less content.

Provide Superior Products & Service

Let’s be honest, the best way you can build trust is by offering the very best product and service as you can. Be friendly, be helpful and always respond to your visitors in a timely manner. Nothing beats a customer for life, except a well connected customer for life who spreads the word about your products to their friends!