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Magento 2 Launch Dates & Facts

  • Jul 16, 2015
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

With all the Magento 2 Optimizations we can expect, it’s not surprising you want to get your hands on the latest version of Magento. From performance boosts to an enhanced dashboard, Magento 2 certainly sounds like the real deal. However with Magento 2 still in beta, it may be a bit of time before we can move to 2.0 on production sites. While we sit and wait for the latest and greatest version to get released, Magento published a rough timeline of events so we can at least have a reasonable idea of when this new version will be made available.

Developer Beta – This post is a bit tardy if you wanted to get your hands on the initial version of Magento. In December 2014, the developer beta of Magento 2 was released. This version was for developers to test out and report bugs. It did not even support any payment methods even if you did want to upgrade to it.

Developer Release Candidate – This version was released in March 2015 (again a bit tardy as far as the purpose of this post). With this version, Magento is still encouraging its users to send in their bug reports. We’re not expected to see any major architectural changes between now and the stable release, unless of course a major bug is discovered.

Merchant Beta – This release was expected in Quarter 3 of 2015 and in fact was made available on July 15.

Merchant General Availability – The moment you’ve been waiting for! The stable version of Magento is expected in the final quarter of this year. Stay tuned!

Even if they meet their goal of releasing Magento 2 in the final quarter of 2015, you may want to consider waiting until early 2016 to upgrade your site when the major bugs are corrected. A2 Hosting has got you covered regardless of your upgrade plans with our Magento 2 Hosting selection.

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