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MailChannels – Email Account Protection

  • Mar 10, 2016
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

At A2 Hosting, we use an email relay service called MailChannels. It helps us identify any spammers, improves email reputation and ensures reliable delivery of our customers’ email. It ultimately helps us stay one-step ahead of spammers.

How A2 Hosting Customers Benefit

Email accounts are sometimes hijacked and used for spamming thousands of recipients. By the time this problem is identified. the damage is done. The reputation of a company has been tainted and future legitimate emails can be identified as spam, and either never read or sent back undelivered. MailChannels helps prevent this from happening.

MailChannels was designed to relieve the time, cost, and frustration of safeguarding against blacklisting and harmful spam. Spammers work with cybercriminals to exploit weaknesses in email accounts and use them to send waves of email messages which could be anything from simple marketing to criminal phishing scams and even hidden malware. Such emails coming from your company could have devastating consequences. Being able to filter every outgoing email is a huge step in stopping cybercriminals from taking advantage of an email account.

Hacker and spammers are always coming up with new tricks, so MailChannels identifies spam by monitoring outgoing mail with complex algorithms and learning AI to identify spam-like tendencies in applications and user accounts. The software identifies the exact account and shuts it down while sending alert notifications via email messages and web APIs to take action. A compromised account can be found in a matter of seconds.

Corporate Email Benefits

1. Automatically monitoring email rejection and IP blacklisting,
2. Clustered mail relay means that any point of failure can quickly be replaced, ensuring no downtime in services.
3. Spam filtering can block outbound messages before they even leave a network.
4. It can automatically route around blacklisted IPs to ensure deliverability for legitimate email.
5. Identify and block spammer accounts and send alerts in seconds.
6. Implement complex policies to maximize email delivery.
7. Provide easy-to-use tools to track and report on email activity.

What Is MailChannels Anyway?

MailChannels relays messages while flagging spammers on a network. This helps preserve everyone’s reputation while helping to ensure that all messages are more likely to reach the intended recipients. This solution can also shut down compromised accounts and scripts to improve security. Unlike most email services, MailChannels can safely accept 100% of incoming mail, spam or otherwise.

How Does Mailchannels Work?

MailChannels detects and blocks hijacked accounts and provides alerts to take action. Content filters and behavior-based policy is put in place and enforced to protect your legitimate messaging and your corporate image.

MailChannel’s ResponseAnalytics™ technology uses the rejection responses from receiving mail servers to analyze and improve email delivery across hundreds of monitored IP addresses. Outgoing email is automatically sorted into relative risk categories. The system uses artificial intelligence to identify the sender of each message and tracks sender behavior to limit spamming from customer accounts. Each account receives something similar to a credit score to gauge the potential risks of each user to the network. That applies to all accounts, whether from an active user, an application, or a web page contact form.

MailChannels Techniques

  • A digital signature is used when checking the contents of an email in real-time against an updated database of spam offenders.
  • Repeating offenses may result in limiting or blocking messages from this account.
  • MailChannels also checks external databases such as domain monitoring services to identify email messages associated with known spam.
  • The system analyzes the response from the target server and uses this to identify possible spam for every email, even those without known problems.
  • It also consistently tracks a variety of statistics for each sender related to volume, validation issues, and suspicious content to help in rating potential risks.
  • MailChannels allows for multiple passwords for SMTP authentication.
  • This platform logs information on every email sent from a server making it easier to search several months worth of logs to investigate concerns over email delivery.
  • MailChannels creates non-delivery reports for every rejected email for every account to help spot potential problems.

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