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Meltdown & Spectre – A2 Hosting’s Response

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  • Jan 05, 2018
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

We have received a number of questions regarding our response to the potential vulnerabilities posed by the Meltdown and Spectre threats. Please rest assured that we are working with our vendors to ensure that your data remains safe and secure.

What Is Meltdown & Spectre?

Meltdown and Spectre are security vulnerabilities caused by a flaw found in computer chips. Today’s computer processors do what is called “speculative execution.” In other words, processors access a number areas within a computer or server’s memory simultaneously as they predict which tasks they will be required to perform. This sensitive data found within these accessed areas are intended to be protected and isolated for security reasons, but it has been discovered that the vulnerabilities posed by Meltdown and Spectre can expose this data.

What Does This Vulnerability Mean?

Security experts have pointed out that virtually every system is potentially vulnerable to data exposure posed by these flaws. This includes billions of devices ranging from computers to smartphones to servers. These security flaws could mean that someone is able to view sensitive information that is stored in memory (including passwords and other data).

The good news is that while this data can be obtained, there doesn’t appear to be any documented instances within the tech industry of that actually occurring. In fact, security experts have pointed out that these vulnerabilities have been accessible for well over 20-years. Regardless, the best way to keep your information safe on any device is to install patches as soon as possible upon their release.

How A2 Hosting Is Protecting Your Data

We are working with our operating system vendors to resolve the vulnerabilities to ensure that your data is safe. We expect full remediation over the next few days and will install updates as soon as they are tested and available to ensure uninterrupted service.

Visit our Perpetual Security article for more details on how the team of security experts at A2 Hosting strive everyday to keep your accounts and data safe. Our whole team would like to thank the A2 Hosting community for their understanding in this matter.

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