Now Offering SSD Hosting In Europe!

  • Sep 11, 2013
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  • by Brad Litwin

One of the questions we’ve been commonly asked over the past few months by our European customers was whether they would experience the largest speed boost by hosting their site closer to their visitors in our European data center or on our US-based solid state drives. There’s no need to wonder any longer! That’s because we’ve launched SSD Hosting in our European data center. Now our European Web Hosting customers can experience the speed benefits of both our SSDs as well as hosting their content closer to their visitors.

So what can SSD Hosting do for your site? The answer can be found in our competitor speed results. In our tests, we compared website page load speeds for sites hosted on our SSDs head-to-head against a number of our competitors. The results show that sites hosted on our SSDs load pages 2-3 times faster compared to our competition. We also have included a complete disclosure of our testing methodology.

The results of our test is especially significant considering how severely a 1-second page load delay can negatively impact your website. Tests show a mere 1-second delay in page load speed can cause a 7% decrease in conversion rate, 16% decrease in visitor satisfaction and a 11% reduction in page views. Upgrading to SSD Hosting is an affordable (just $3/mo) way to easily and effectively optimize the performance of your site.

Another reason to switch to our SSD hosting service is because we offer the Railgun network optimizer for free to our SSD hosting customers. This service loads HTML up to 143% faster. This is in addition to our free CloudFlare CDN which increases website speed by an average of 200%.

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