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Prestashop vs. Opencart

  • Jun 29, 2016
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  • by A2 Marketing Team
The Right Platform

Taking your business to the next level can include a variety of steps. The most important of these steps is moving your business online. This is especially true if you want to remain competitive in the modern market. If you want to take that step and boost your place in the market you will need an e-commerce platform that is best suited for your business needs.

There are many options available when it comes down to choosing an online shopping platform for your website. Two of the best ones available are PrestaShop and OpenCart. Each has their own set of unique advantages and disadvantages. That is why it is vital that you research what each offers and make a decision that will amplify your business potential.

When you are searching for an open source e-commerce tool for your website you should consider:

  • features
  • ease of use
  • community development

Both PrestaShop and OpenCart will grant your online business more freedoms. Read on to discover what exactly they can (and cannot) do for you!


Add-on Paradise

The first thing that is attractive about PrestaShop is the amount of extra templates that it offers. PrestaShop is full of amazing templates that range from rustic and classic to minimal and modern. You will find every style that you can imagine inside of the template marketplace.

The one negative about the template market is that the best templates are not free. There are some nice options inside of the basic free package, but if you want more you will have to spend some money. Prices range from about $45 to over $150.

There are also additional add-on modules that includes Search Engine Optimization tools to the Amazon Market function and everything in between. You can really take your site to the next level with all of the available features, but they are not necessary to get going.

You can still design a beautiful and functional site without buying a template or module, however.

Designing Made Simple

The store builder is easy to use. PrestaShop boasts that there are “hundreds of rich features” all for free right out of the box that help get your site up and running in no time.

Everything about making a shop is simple. You can customize everything from the banner to the way  that your customers search through your products. From the developer side you will get plenty of analytical information and management tools to keep you on top of your site at all times.

Mobile support is included making PrestaShop an attractive tool for the modern business. Your template will be responsive and guaranteed to look great no matter the device. This is key to ensuring a maximized amount of new customers exploring your site.

A Community Feel

The community is very active inside of the PrestaShop world. They have a major hand in the ongoing development of the software.

Users share code, translate for each other and discuss all topics that relate to running an online shop. The community is a huge perk to joining PrestaShop. The users are active, passionate and helpful. No matter your question you will find an answer.


Feature Friendly

OpenCart is packed with great features by default. You are given an unlimited amount of categories, products and different manufacturers right from the start. Your site will also be able to host reviews and ratings from customers as well as a range of language support and currency options.

Templates are not available on any market. You can import your old website into OpenCart if you wish to keep the theme consistent. This is the one major drawback that makes PrestaShop more suited to those who wish for above and beyond customization. There are modules available for extra features, however.

An Open Forum

The forum on OpenCart is a useful spot to pick up information about the platform. You can expect to find answers to most user questions as well as bug reports, template support and more. The community does not seem as powerful as PrestaShop but is a good place to pick up the information that you need to get moving with your new e-commerce platform.

The customer support is open 24/7 and has multiple country support. This is great if you are based outside of the United States or are keen to travelling. No matter your location you can expect quick responses and plenty of help.


Both PrestaShop and OpenCart offer plenty of features and upgrade options to make them powerful e-commerce tools.

Keep in mind what is important for you. You will not be disappointed in either platforms, and both are great places to start your journey into the world of online business.