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QUIC Support Now Available On Turbo Servers

  • Aug 30, 2017
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

If benefits like up to 20X faster pages loads weren’t enough for you to host on our speed enhanced Turbo Servers, perhaps QUIC-support will be enough for you to give them a try. QUIC is a speed-enhanced alternative to the transmission control protocol (TCP). QUIC helps to lower latency and ultimately improve page load speeds.

QUIC adds to a wide range of other Turbo account benefits including additional resources per user, hosting on a server with few users and increased performance compared to Apache. Best of all, Turbo servers are available with all A2 Hosting services including Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Servers.

What Is Traditional TCP?

TCP are the set of rules controlling how data is sent through the internet (or any other network for that matter). TCP essentially sets up how computers send and receive data.

What Is The Disadvantage Of TCP?

While TCP has an excellent reputation for reliability, it struggles with latency when creating a secure connection. TCP requires making multiple trips back and forth between communicating computers to create a secure connection via Transport Layer Security (TLS). This is necessary to create an SSL connection. This is where QUIC excels.

What Is QUIC & Why Is It Better?

QUIC is an abbreviation for QUICK UDP Internet Connections. QUIC is able to improve on TCP with the use of a multiplexed connection. This is a set of multiple connections combined into a single one between the communicating computers. The multiplexed connections offers TLS equivalent security that doesn’t require the multiple round trips between computers. In short, QUIC lowers latency and helps improve site performance because it doesn’t need to make these round trips.

quic hosting support

Advantages Of Using QUIC

  • Greatly reduces the amount of time to generate connections
  • Improved bottleneck handling
  • Use of multiplexes prevents blocking first in line connections
  • Migration connections
  • Corrects forwarding errors

How Can I Get QUIC?

Just contact our Sales Department to learn more about how you can move your sites to our Turbo Servers complete with QUIC Support and up to 20X faster page loads.