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So You’re Wondering If You’ve Outgrown Shared Hosting

  • Nov 30, 2015
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

We often get asked at meetups and conferences questions about when is it appropriate to upgrade from a Shared Hosting plan to a VPS or even a Dedicated Server. I usually respond more generically because there are a few factors you should weigh when deciding if it’s time to upgrade your hosting account. Below is a breakdown of certain scenarios where you should definitely consider a VPS over your Shared Hosting account.

  1. Your cron jobs are not finishing due to resource usage and PHP timeouts.
  2. Resource limits are being reached on a consistent basis.
  3. Your sites require non default configurations.
  4. There are bursts of traffic to your sites with many concurrent users.
  5. You have an online store with several hundred products.

These are general guidelines for when you may need to upgrade. Of course there are several more reasons that would warrant a need to upgrade.

Even if you have a new or smaller site, it’s always a good idea to remain prepared for growth. That’s because over time as your websites grow, you’ll need a little bit more power to keep them running smoothly.