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Top 10 themes in Prestashop that will make your online store POP!

  • Aug 12, 2016
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  • by A2 Marketing Team
Top 10 themes in Prestashop that will make your online store POP!

A Theme Dreamland

PrestaShop is one of the leading platforms for integrating e-commerce into your website. It provides its users with a range of unique features including open-source software, a passionate community and tons of customization options.

The customization is what sets PrestaShop apart from similar programs. Not only are there templates to choose from but there are hundreds of themes available. This grants you with plenty of choices to pick what will make your website stand out among others in the market.

Below you can read about the top 10 themes that are guaranteed to make your online store POP!

1. Antique

Number one on the list is Antique. Antique is a beautiful responsive template that brings you an elegant design, smooth user interactivity and quick loading times.

Despite its name this theme is not limited to antique shops. The layout is intended for any website that wants a high quality and professional layout. Everything about it can be customized. It runs well on desktop browsers and is equally quick on mobile devices.

The Font Awesome icons set this one ahead of the rest because of their functionality. You can rely on the icons to load without hiccups. They can be scaled to fit a wide range of sizes. Other features include:

  • Drop Down Cart
  • Drop Down Menu
  • Accordion Categories
  • Product Quick View

Antique can be part of your website for $144.99.

2. Wholesale Warehouse

The Wholesale Warehouse theme is another all around theme that gives you plenty of options to customize the layout and look. This theme is a solid choice if you have a wide variety of goods products for sale.

The large category integration puts Wholesale at the forefront of responsive themes built for companies with many items to offer. If you have an electronics, fashion or equipment website then you would enjoy what this theme offers.

It costs $144.99 and will save you money while being loaded with features.

3. QX

QX is a modern looking theme that takes a minimal approach to its design. It is effect without being overbearing or flashy. It has a simple vertical menu that emphasizes style. This theme is perfect for the business that wants to have a sleek look while giving shoppers a pleasant experience.

You can expect 100% customization with QX. It was conceived for high fashion sales but that does not close it off from being adapted to fit just about any market.

QX is available for $144.99.

4. Zro03 Supermarket Store

One of the most beautiful, stylish and minimal themes that will really make your shop pop is Zro03. The layout uses a bootstrap grid system, sidebar menus, a sticky menu and social media sharing buttons. This makes Zro03 perfect for the modern business that wants to mesh their shop with their social media accounts.

The look is by default minimal as the developers wanted to avoid clutter in the design. This theme is also quite affordable at the price of $109.99 making it excellent to keep your budget alive.

5. Leo Alaska Responsive Template

For $99.99 you can grab the Leo Alaska template, a stunning theme that can be used for almost any website.

Featuring slides that are the full width of your site as well as product banners Leo Alaska sets your site apart by keeping the viewer interested without straining their eyes. Slideshows of your products are available with ease. You can also integrate a blog into the site to guarantee more interest.

6. JMS Hermes

Not only does JMS Hermes have a cool name but the layout is awesome. It is fully responsive and will look perfect on any device. It is aimed for clothing and shoe shops but can be adapted into any business with a little editing.

It is also builds testimonial snippets into the page making it great for sharing what your previous customers had to say. You can blog as well as show off the Top Sellers on your site. Social media is one click away with the built-in networking options.

JMS Hermes is $79.99 making it one of the more affordable Premium themes on the PrestaShop market.

7. Simple and Colorfull

The title says it all in Simple and Colorfull. This responsive theme has two columns and 8 colors built in. This keeps it simple but effective as an attractive theme.

Simple and Colorfull works on multiple devices and has multiple language support. The cost of this theme is only $34.99 and is worth checking out.

8. Jewelry New 1.3.1

In the case that your shop sells watches, rings, necklaces and other bits of fine goods Jewelry New 1.3.1 is a safe bet. The theme has a consistent black design that places the focus on the items being sold. The dark colors make the diamonds pop off the rings and watches in the most tasteful fashion.

This is a professional looking theme that redefines elegant web design. It can be edited to fit other business themes but looks best when presenting jewelry. The price for Jewelry New 1.3.1 is $89.99.

9. Top Fashion Store

The Top Fashion Store theme is perfect for clothing brands and accessories that want a minimal design. There are enough customization options to keep this one interesting without slowing down the shopping experience.

It is compatible with most modern browsers and looks great on mobile devices as well. You will enjoy what Top Fashion Store has to offer. With the right tweaking it can become an important part of your brand’s image. Top Fashion is available for $69.99 making it a solid theme at a moderate price.

10. OMG Store

A theme with exciting options is OMG Store. It is fully responsive and features:

  • Facebook Login
  • Discount Labels
  • Catalogue Mode

There is an unlimited amount of color options as well as dozens of font choices. Backgrounds and textures can also be adjusted to your liking. OMG Store is suited for any online business.

Running at $64.99 OMG Store would make your store pop without busting your bank.


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