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Upgrading To Magento 2

  • Jul 15, 2015
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

If you are a Magento user, you’re probably well aware of the fact there is a beta version of Magento 2 currently available. Since this is a beta version, you won’t want to upgrade your production site quite yet. However since this beta version will eventually lead to a stable version, now is as good of a time as any to start planning your upgrade. That way you can get the fastest and most secure version when Magento 2 becomes available.

If you’re currently hosting with A2 Hosting and have installed Magento with Softaculous, you’ll be able to notified when Magento 2 Hosting is available. You’ll just need to log into your account and you’ll easily upgrade to the current version of Magento with a single click. As with any site upgrade, you’ll want to back up your current before starting the upgrade.

If you have not installed Magento with Softaculous, the upgrade process will look something like this for you (again, when the times comes, you will want to back up your site):

1. Aside from managing and shipping your orders, you will want to end all activity in your Magento control panel. This activity will need to pause until you have finished your migration. This also includes pausing all of your Magento cron jobs.

2. Magento has developed a handy, free tool to help make the migration as easy as possible to move your settings. You’ll want to make use of this tool.

3. Copy your media assets to your Magento 2.0 install by manually copying them from your media directory and moving them into your pub/media directory.

4. Use the migration tool to bulk copy your database into your Magento 2 database.

5. Re-index each of your Magento 2 indexers.

6. Test, test and test some more. You will definitely want to make sure you can place orders on your site.