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cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit: Standard vs Deluxe

  • Sep 17, 2021
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

WordPress is used by 42.5% of the internet, from the most popular blogs to well-known news sites. When working on and managing multiple WordPress sites sometimes it can be hard to keep track of everything. That’s why A2 Hosting is proud to announce we will now be offering cPanel’s WordPress Toolkit! It makes installing, configuring, securing, staging, cloning, syncing, updating, copying, and migrating a thousand WordPress installations a breeze with their easy interface. This toolkit is offered in standard and deluxe versions. The deluxe version has tons of new features and is offered on all A2 Hosting Managed Turbo plans for free!  If you’re on the fence on which one to use and why, keep reading!

What is WordPress Toolkit?

WP Toolkit is a WordPress management solution that provides users with a simple interface for installing, configuring, securing, updating, and managing their WordPress sites. It can be used with cPanel because it replaces the cPanel WordPress Manager.

WordPress Toolkit Standard Features

A Free cPanel WordPress Management Solution

WP Toolkit Standard comes free with all of A2 Hosting’s managed plans. One of the greatest features of this toolkit is the dashboard which helps make installation, access, and modification of individual WordPress sites easy. Here are some of the features of WP Toolkit Standard we like the most:

  • A single dashboard displays all WordPress sites: Check the status of all sites, including their updates and security, as well as site management tools that are readily accessible. You may search and filter the dashboard to see only the sites you’re interested in.
  • Customizable installation: Users of cPanel WordPress may quickly set up new sites, and each one can be modified before going live. Installation path, administrator details, website title, automatic update settings, and database credentials are just a few of the customization choices available.
  • One-Click Logins: With a click of the mouse, access the dashboard of any WPT-managed WordPress site.
  • Automatic Security Hardening: WP Toolkit implements a variety of security upgrades automatically upon installation, including limiting access to essential files, switching off pingbacks, creating security keys, among others.
  • Debug Management: From the site’s interface, quickly activate WordPress debugging options. You may enable enhanced maintenance mode in the same dashboard, disable search engine crawling, and enable password security.
  • Plugin and Theme Set Installation: When you install a site, it will automatically install predetermined plugin and theme settings. Setting up WooCommerce stores, blogs, and other websites is a breeze with this capability.
  • Single-site Automatic Updates: Within hosting cPanel WordPress, you may customize the automatic update preferences for WordPress sites, themes, and plugins.

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe Features

WP Toolkit Deluxe features everything in the standard version, plus powerful batch management and website cloning technologies that make handling huge volumes of WordPress sites considerably faster and easier.

WordPress Site Cloning and Staging

Cloning is helpful for building staging sites where modifications and additional features can be tested. Any WordPress site managed by WP Toolkit can be cloned with only a single click of the mouse. First, you choose a site and inform WP Toolkit which domain you want to use. Then it copies the files and database, updates the configuration files, and creates a subdomain so you can view the cloned site right away. Then you can manually copy items and database tables back to the source location, allowing you to deploy updates rapidly or deploy them all at once.

Smart Updates

Sometimes users update their WordPress or its plugins only to discover that the modifications have ruined their site, making the process of updating daunting. To solve this, the deluxe version of WordPress Toolkit set up Smart Updates.

Whenever a Smart Update is initiated, WP Toolkit makes a clone, runs a set of tests, modifies the clone, restarts the test, and generates a report in a platform that lets users examine the site before and after changes. When everything is in working condition, and the user approves, the WP Toolkit removes the clone while updating the parent site. This way you can test for updates without breaking anything!

Mass Hardening and Updates

WP Toolkit Deluxe expands and improves the Standard version’s safety and updating features. WP Toolkit Deluxe also lets users analyze many sites and implement security hardening settings individually at the same time, on top of automatic security hardening. For instance, using the toolkit’s Security Status screen, you might activate bot protection on scores of WordPress sites in moments.

Plug-In and Theme Set Management

You can upgrade WordPress core and plugins, add and remove plugins and themes, and change the auto-update settings for numerous sites all at once.

Back-Up and Restore Points

If something breaks or there is a problem when updating or changing your site, backups and restore points work together to allow users to reload their sites to earlier versions.

The Bottomline

WordPress Toolkit is a convenient tool for those who manage numerous WordPress sites. In this article, we’ve covered the WordPress features that you can take advantage of using both Standard and Deluxe. Keep your eye on the A2 Hosting blog as we release video content and guides on how to use this amazing toolkit to manage your WordPress sites!

At A2 Hosting, we provide Managed WordPress hosting plans where we handle all aspects of website management for you, including upgrades and patches, ensuring that your site is secure and configured to function as efficiently as possible. We will be offering WP Toolkit Deluxe on all Turbo Managed Plans, and WP Toolkit Standard will be included on all other managed plans. To learn more about our services, contact us today!

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