Performance Plus traffic spike protection upgrade

If you have a Turbo Boost or Turbo Max Web Hosting account, you can increase the amount of resources available for your site. This helps maintain your site’s performance during traffic spikes or periods of high activity.

What the Performance Plus upgrade includes

The Performance Plus upgrade doubles the I/O speed, IOPS, EP, and number of concurrent processes power in Turbo Boost and Turbo Max Web Hosting accounts, allowing your site to maintain performance levels, even during traffic spikes.

A2 Web Hosting Plans I/O speed IOPS speed EP Limit NProc Limit
Turbo Boost  / Turbo Max 2020 4MB/s 2048 50 75
Turbo Boost/ Turbo Max Performance Plus 2020 6MB/s 4096 100 150

Here are the specifics of the various resource upgrades included in the Performance Plus Upgrade option:

  • I/O speed: The disc I/O (input and output) speed specifies how quickly the website or scripts can perform input and output operations per second on the hosting server. A faster I/O speed allows for more read/write data on the disc, executes large database queries, and prevents website freeze and slow loading, which is critical for high-traffic websites.
  • IOPS speed: The speed at which a hard drive reads and writes data to a hard drive is measured in inputs and outputs per second (IOPS). The more IOPS you have, the faster your website will be.
  • EP Limit: EP (Entry Processes Limit): The entry process limit is the number of PHP scripts that can run at the same time. Cron jobs, shell scripts, and other commands also use a single entry process for the duration of their execution. A higher Entry Processes limit allows you to run more php scripts for database queries, making sites run faster, especially for ecommerce sites. It also keeps your site from being suspended in the event of a sudden traffic spike. A higher EP limit is critical if you want to to host multiple active websites, such as WordPress multisite, on a single host.
  • NProc: The NProc (Number of Processes) limit refers to the number of concurrent processes, such as SSH connections, IMAP, and other processes, that can run on the web server at the same time. With a higher NProc limit, your site can handle more concurrent users connected to the server at the same time, avoiding the error 500 or 503 that is displayed when the site reaches the concurrent process limit.

Ordering the Performance Plus upgrade

To order the Performance Plus upgrade for your hosting account, please open a billing ticket on the A2 Hosting Customer Portal at In the ticket, please specify that you would like to add the Performance Plus upgrade to your account.

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