WordPress plugins A2 Hosting does not recommend

This article lists plugins that A2 Hosting does not recommend using with WordPress. These plugins can negatively affect a WordPress site's:

  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Security

Processor-intensive plugins

Installing and activating any of these plugins can cause high CPU usage:

Backup plugins

The following plugins for backup functionality are not recommended because A2 Hosting offers automatic backups when you install WordPress in Softaculous. We recommend the use of an offsite backup plugin like VaultPress or Updraft Plus instead.

Database plugins

The following database-related plugins are not recommended because of multiple security issues. cPanel has a full version of phpMyAdmin for administering MySQL databases.

CAPTCHA plugins

Duplicated functionality with A2 Optimized for WordPress plugin

Spamming plugins

Plugins with security issues

The following WordPress plugins have known security issues and should not be used on a WordPress site.

These are malicious plugins that contain backdoors. You should not install them under any circumstances!
  • ToolsPack

Plugins incompatible with caching plugins

The following plugin is incompatible with WordPress caching plugins:

Frivolous plugins that should be deleted

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