How to install Adminer using Softaculous

This article describes how to install the Adminer database management interface using the Softaculous installer in cPanel. Adminer provides similar functionality to phpMyAdmin, phpPgAdmin, and other web-based interfaces that are used for managing databases.

This application is only available in Softaculous Premium. If you need further assistance, please open a ticket at

Installing Adminer

You can get Adminer up and running in minutes by using the Softaculous application installer in cPanel.

To install Adminer using Softaculous, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to cPanel.
    If you do not know how to log in to your cPanel account, please see this article.
  2. Open Softaculous:
    • If you are using the Jupiter theme, on the Tools page, in the Softaculous Apps Installer section, click Softaculous Apps Installer (or any of the icons under Scripts or Categories).
    • If you are using the Paper Lantern theme, in the SOFTACULOUS APPS INSTALLER section of the cPanel home screen, click Softaculous Apps Installer (or any of the icons under Scripts or Categories).
  3. In the Search text box, type adminer and then press Enter.
    Alternatively, you can use the navigation pane on the left side. To do this, click DB Tools, and then click Adminer.
  4. Click Install. The installation page appears.
  5. In the Choose Protocol list box, select the protocol.
    If you have an SSL certificate installed on your site, select https:// or https://www. If you do not have an SSL certificate installed on your site, select http:// or http://www.
  6. In the Choose Domain list box, select the domain for installation, or accept the default value.
  7. In the In Directory text box, type the directory where you want to install the application, or accept the default value.
    If you want your domain name to go directly to the application, make sure the In Directory text box is blank.
  8. Click the Advanced Options icon icon to expand Advanced Options.
  9. If you do not want to receive e-mail notifications when application updates are available, select the Disable Update Notifications Emails check box.
    A2 Hosting strongly recommends that you receive e-mail notifications when application updates are available. Keeping your site updated helps prevent unauthorized access attempts and data loss.
  10. To automatically update the application when updates are available, select the Auto Upgrade check box.
  11. In the Backup Location list box, you can select a location to store application backups.
  12. In the Automated backups list box, you can select whether or not Softaculous makes periodic backups of your application.
  13. In the Backup Rotation list box, you can select how often Softaculous overwrites the oldest backup file with a new backup file.
  14. To receive site configuration information after the installation is complete, type an e-mail address in the Email installation details to text box.
  15. Review the installation options and settings, and then click Install. When installation is complete, Softaculous provides information about the application's configuration.

Accessing your databases

To use Adminer to access your databases, follow these steps:

  1. Use your web browser to go to the Adminer login URL.
    Softaculous provided the login URL when you installed Adminer.
  2. In the System list box, select one of the following:
    • To access a MySQL database, select MySQL.
    • To access a PostgreSQL database, select PostgreSQL.
    The other listed database types are not supported at this time.
  3. Confirm that the Server text box value is set to localhost.
  4. In the Username text box, type a valid username for the database you want to access.
  5. In the Password text box, type the password for the user you specified in step 4.
  6. In the Database text box, type the name of the database that you want to access.
  7. Click Login. If you specified correct and valid login credentials, Adminer logs in to the database. You can browse tables, view and edit specific rows in the database, and more.

More Information

For more information about Adminer, please visit

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