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  • Update on Heartbleed Vulnerability

    A zero-day vulnerability nicknamed Heartbleed was announced Monday, revealing a bug in the popular OpenSSL software. The bug could potentially allow a third party to eavesdrop on communications encrypted over SSL/TLS.


    At this time, A2 Hosting has patched OpenSSL on all of our shared and managed servers to a version which does not include the vulnerability. If you have an Unmanaged VPS, Cloud VPS, or Unmanged Flex Dedicated server, it is your responsibility to update your server to the latest OpenSSL version.


    More specific information about the vulnerability can be found at heartbleed.com.


    OpenSSL 1.0.1 through 1.0.1f (inclusive) are vulnerable
    OpenSSL 1.0.1g is NOT vulnerable
    OpenSSL 1.0.0 branch is NOT vulnerable
    OpenSSL 0.9.8 branch is NOT vulnerable


    If you have any questions or need further assistance in upgrading your unmanaged server, please open a support ticket from my.a2hosting.com.


  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Infinite Scrolling

    Every developer has had content that needs to be listed out line by line. Usually that means there is or will be a lot of it. Whether it's a list of past entries in your WordPress blog, a list of nodes in your Drupal site or a list of items for sale in your favorite shopping software. It used to be there was only one right answer of how to deal with this kind of content; pagination. You'd choose some number (or let the user choose) of entries to display per page and then list off the number of pages, letting the user navigate through as needed. Perhaps if you felt sophisticated you'd allow filtering and sorting.

    In today's modern web there's another option; infinite scroll. You may have encountered this technique on Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter on pages that let you keep scrolling seemingly indefinitely without ever needing to reload the page.. This technique works by initially loading the first page of data, and as the user scrolls down, fetch additional data via AJAX to load onto the page. It's an elegant solution for things like your Twitter feed or a list of comments. Anything where the content is pretty much always going to be accessed in the same order.

    But infinite scroll does add implementaiton complexity in a lot of cases, so it's worth considering if your use case is a good fit or not. If the average user is expected to specify a sort order or filter and then access only the first handful of entries, then pagination makes the most sense. You'll note that as of press time, Google for example, is still using pagination. This is because most users only look at the first few results. Adding infinite scroll to the results page would add needless complexity.

    Like with most modern web techniques, it's best to consider whether the new way of doing things really is the ideal fit for your particular case, or whether your users might be best served by an older design pattern.

  • 5 No-Brainer Tips To Keep Your WordPress Blog Updated

    You started a blog. It could have been a week, a month or 5-years ago that you launched your blog. You were excited about it too because you had a lot to say about the topic. You were starting a garden or buying a new house or wanted to share your expert chess tips. Whatever the reason for starting the blog, you obviously thought it was a good idea at the time. Your early posts were easy because you had a lot on your mind. As the days and weeks passed, your ideas for posts slowly began to vanish. We've all been there.


    Here are 5 easy tips for reigniting your passion for blogging and how to keep those posts rolling in.


    1.) Write About Something You're Interested In


    Isn't it easier to write about something you're passionate about as opposed to trying to manufacture content because you found a niche you're trying to rank well for organically? This tip might be a bit difficult if you've already started your blog, but chances are you're passionate about your blog's topic. Remember why you started the blog in the first place and get motivated to keep it updated!


    2.) Set Aside 10 Minutes A Day


    Blogging can be time consuming and it can be hard work, but it doesn't have to be. Just like you set aside a few minutes a day to brush your teeth, set aside some time to update your blog. Set aside 10 minutes a day. You may not think you'll be able to accomplish much in that time, but give it a shot. You'll be surprised.


    3.) Fight The "Block" By Writing Anything


    I had a college professor once tell me that if I ever had writer's block, to just write anything. Even if it is "ABC 123" to get started. The trick is to get something written down. If you're setting aside 10 minutes a day like the previous tip urges, you want that 10 minutes to be productive. If you spend a few minutes just typing any thoughts you have, you can probably craft that into a post.


    4.) Answer A Question


    Sometimes writing about anything just doesn't work. Sometimes writer's block hits the best of us. If you're struggling for something to write about, spend a few minutes on your favorite forum and look at some of the questions being asked. Choose one of the questions and write about it in the form of a blog post.


    5.) Don't Worry About Length or Writing for Google


    We spend so much time worrying about post lengths and whether Google will like your content or not. Forget about Google in that 10 minutes you're writing your post. Worry about writing to your audience. Remember a 3 sentence post is better than a 0 sentence post because you didn't write anything since you were concerned Google wouldn't like the fact your post was too short.

  • How To Install BBPress Forum Plugin for WordPress

    We've been so hard at work creating articles and video to help you get the most out of your WordPress Hosting service from A2 Hosting that we haven't even had a chance to share those articles with you. Here are our newest WordPress articles.

    We've also created a video tutorial to show you how easy it is to add the bbPress forum plugin to your WordPress install.



    Please make sure to leave a comment on what WordPress articles or videos you would like to see in the future.

  • Updating WordPress Database Credentials

    We've been hard at work creating a number of WordPress Hosting tutorials that we hope you find helpful. Some of our newest WordPress tutorials include:

    We also just uploaded this video explaining how to update your WordPress database credentials.



    Our goal is to create tutorials that you'll actually use and find helpful. That's why we need your ideas! What WordPress tutorials would you like to see us post in the future? Post your ideas as a comment below!

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