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2013: A CEO’s Year In Review

  • Jan 07, 2014
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

When you look back on a previous year, you can often label it as your best year, worst year or busiest year. I can look back on 2013 and say that it was without a doubt our most exciting year to date. Before looking into what 2014 means for A2 Hosting and our customers, let’s look back at 2013 and the 5 biggest events of the past year.

  • We started the year right from the start with our biggest announcement; the launch of our SSD Hosting service. The first half of the year was dedicated to tweaking our SSD servers so our customers could get the highest performance out of them and spreading the word that sites on our SSDs servers load pages up to 300% faster than standard servers.
  • June was our 10 year anniversary, and what better way to celebrate it than by giving away 10 lifetime SSD Hosting accounts and 60 1-year SSD Hosting accounts for free?
  • In August, we started running speed tests to compare our servers’ page load speeds against a number of our competitors. It turns out that pages load 40% – 470% faster on our SSDs compared to competing hosts.
  • SSD Hosting was one big product launch for 2013. September saw our other big launch; Cloud Hosting. Our Cloud service features a number of unique advantages including free high availability failover, paying for only the resources you use and the ability to resize on demand.
  • To make sure our European customers could experience the same SSD speed benefits, we started offering SSD Hosting in our Iceland data center in September as well.

We’re working hard to make 2014 just as exciting with new product updates and continuing to offer you the high performance, developer friendly and ultra-reliable service that you’ve become accustomed to receiving from A2 Hosting.