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2014 – A Year In Review

  • Dec 11, 2014
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

In January 2014, we looked back at our top 5 newsworthy announcements for the previous year and declared that 2013 was our most exciting year to date. It was easy to see why we thought 2013 was so exciting with the launch of SSD Hosting, Cloud Hosting and a European data center.

Today as we look back on what we accomplished during 2014, we can easily say that 2014 was just as exciting, and probably more so, than 2013. This past year we focused on enhancing our line of WordPress products and high performance hosting solutions. Our most exciting announcements of 2014:

One of our largest announcements of 2014 actually happened just last month. With up to 20X faster page load speeds than standard hosting, our Turbo Hosting plans mark our fastest hosting solution to date. These Turbo plans feature SwiftCache powered by APC, more resources per user and fewer users per server.

The launch of A2 Optimized WordPress meant we helped take the guesswork out of how to get the fastest page load speeds. A2 Optimized WordPress sites are automatically configured to load up to 6X faster than sites that are not A2 Optimized. A2 Optimized sites also includes a number of key features for improved security.

Our partnership with ManageWP means that our Web Hosting customers can manage and update their WordPress sites from a single dashboard. Each free ManageWP account is accessible within cPanel and includes a number of other exciting features including two-factor login authentication, 1-click plugin and theme updates and mass spam comment removal.

In October, we had the opportunity to personally interact with a number of A2 Hosting customers and WordPress users at the Ann Arbor WordCamp. We hope to be involved with additional WordCamp’s in the future as this conference gave us a lot of insight into the features users are looking for from a hosting provider.

Of course our Knowledgebase isn’t new. It’s been around longer than we’ve had this blog. What is new however are 100’s of articles written over the past year. The topics are wide ranging from PHP and MySQL to PrestaShop and WordPress. If you have a question about your hosting account or specific software, there’s a good chance you’ll find an answer in our Knowledgebase.

Stay tuned for 2015. We’ve got some more excitement coming your way!