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Announcing Easy Account Access For Your Developers!

At A2 Hosting, we’re constantly working on delivering you solutions to improve your experience with us. Our brand new Developer Access solution is just one of those features. With Developer Access, you can now grant your development team access to your A2 Hosting account without having to share your login details. Developer Access is intended to make both your life and your developer’s life easier. Developer Access essentially ensures that you can spend your time focused on running your business and creating your content while at the same time allowing your developers to focus on running your site.

Developer Access will give your developers the ability to:

  • Log into your hosting control panel.
  • Purchase hosting packages, domains and any other services you may need.
  • Manage your DNS, email and all of your other services!
  • Submit and respond to support tickets.

Using Developer Access is easy at A2 Hosting. Start using Developer Access now. Try it out and let us know what you think of this new functionality in the comments below!

About Brad Litwin

Brad Litwin is the Marketing Manager for A2 Hosting. He has been with the company since 2007. His specialties include affiliate marketing, content writing and SEO. In his spare time he enjoys running and reading.

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