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Announcing Enhanced Site Protection With A2 Hosting + Sucuri

Over 30,000 websites get hacked everyday. If your site is hacked, viruses can be installed on your visitor’s computers, redirects to other websites can be made and your website can be used to attack other sites. Hacker’s technology gets more advanced everyday, especially via automated methods. These hackers can take advantage of a number of vulnerabilities in sites. These vulnerabilities can range from insecure passwords, use of abandoned or outdated plugins and using outdated software.

At A2 Hosting, we understand the importance of site security and helping keep our customers’ sites safe. That’s why we include our proactive protection measures called Perpetual Security on all of our accounts. Perpetual Security includes a number of features like our auto-healing protection, server hardening and virus scans.

We also offer a few premium security options to take your security to the next level. Each of these solutions are powered by the industry-leading site protection company Sucuri. These solutions, managed by our Guru Crew, offer you fast, worry-free and hands-free security enhancements to keep your sites safe. These security options include:

1-Time Site Cleanup

Do you currently have a hacked site that you don’t quite know what to do with or not quite sure how to fix? Let our expert Guru Crew Support team fix your site for you! Our team will clean up your site, bring it back online and make it safe for your visitors. We will also add security best practices to your site to harden it and help prevent future hacks.

Sucuri Website Monitoring

  • Continuous scans & incident alerts
  • Remote & server side scans
  • Website application firewall
  • Help prevent hackers and DDoS attacks

Get Started with Sucuri Website Monitoring

Sucuri Account Firewall

  • DDoS protection
  • Brute force protection
  • Blocks SQL injection, software and cross site scripting vulnerabilities
  • Malware protection
  • Virtual patching and hardening

Get Started with Sucuri Account Firewall

Sucuri Protection Suite

Want to bundle it all together? So did we! You also have the option to order our Website Monitoring, Website Firewall and 1-Time Site Cleanup in an ultimate Sucuri security bundle.

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  • If I ever make three times the income, an annual subscription of the Securi package costs, I will consider. Until then I simply don’t have the funds. (Not everyone has a typical US income.)

  • Oz Technology Company

    Except that GoDaddy acquired Sucuri, and who wants to use a GoDaddy product.

    Reference on the acquisition: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/godaddy-bloster-website-security-sucuri-153103754.html

    • You are correct, Sucuri was recently acquired by GoDaddy. We have, however, had a long track record working with Sucuri, an effective product that we have leveraged to assist many of our clients in time of need. We do fully understand that we will technically be supporting a competitor, but our partnership with Sucuri was in place prior to the acquisition.

      The goal is to provide our clients with a robust set of features and resources, regardless of acquisitions and corporate maneuvering. The bottom line is this: we want our clients to be happy and their sites well protected. If that means that we offer products or services recently acquired by 3rd party competitors, we will do it.

      -Jay, Director of Support

      • David Clark

        Is A2 hosting using Securi? A2 has been under ddos attack this weekend and was down, as were many of the websites hosted with A2. Sites are still having issues, including mine, so i’m just wondering just how effective Securi really is?

        • Hi David! We are a partner with Sucuri, but we don’t use them as their solutions are aimed at end users, not hosting companies. Sucuri is a very good product. The attacks on us were DDoS attacks, and attack networking.

  • I would also say that WPScans.com is a great tool to scan for WordPress vulnerabilities. More of a prevention and monitoring tool. But hey it’s free

    Thanks for a great article

  • adspedia

    Thanks for sharing this and welcome aboard!

  • Great post, thanks