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Contributing To WordPress’ Five For The Future Movement

  • Feb 27, 2015
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

In 2014 Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic, announced a plan to ensure the growth and stability of WordPress in the future as a free open source platform with ‘Five for the Future‘. Essentially any company deriving revenue from WordPress should concentrate 5% of their time and energy generally devoted to WordPress related work to helping improve WordPress Core. “Improving WordPress Core” is a very generalized statement, it can encompass anything from developing for WordPress, documenting WordPress, training the community or even responding to questions in the WP forum.

After all, WordPress is one of the most feature-rich Content Management Systems ever made. The user interface for administering WordPress is quite possibly the most intuitive available. Users of WordPress fit into pretty much any category you can think of from the casual blogger to Fortune 500 companies. Feature rich and extensible, WordPress can be used for nearly any type of website you can think of. It is the open source nature of WordPress that allows it to transcend the blogging platform that it was initially designed to be anything the user wants. However, as it grows it requires more and more attention of its community to keep it up to date and stable.

A2 Hosting is committed to ensure the stability of WordPress and will be participating in the Five for the Future movement. There are many ways that A2 Hosting believes that it can help. First, we will be sending representatives to WordPress Meetup help sessions in the Ann Arbor and Metro Detroit area. Meetup help sessions are a great way for anyone having an issue with a WordPress site to get one-on-one help with their issue. We are also developing a series of talks for WordCamps and WordPress Meetups as well as creating plugins to make optimizing and securing a WordPress site much easier.

We look forward to participating in Five for the Future and encourage our community to do the same.