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Introducing Managed VPS & Managed Servers With Root

One of the most commonly requested features we have received recently are from our Managed VPS and Managed Dedicated Server customers who want root access for their server. We are excited to announce that we have heard your requests! We have launched our brand new Core VPS and Core Server product lines.

What Is Core?

Core offers all of the features and resources of our Managed VPS and Managed Servers, including the cPanel control panel and full HostGuard Management, now complete with full root access as found on our Unmanaged VPS platform.

What Is Root Access?

Root access means you will have administrative level server access. Root access essentially means you can customize your account to your specific needs because you can perform tasks including:

  • Add server wide software to your account
  • Edit and configure your server wide software
  • Edit any of your server’s files, settings and logs

Want To Switch To Core?

Are you a current A2 Hosting Managed VPS or Managed Dedicated customer who would like root access on your server? Just contact our Support Staff to learn how to update your current account to a Core account complete with root access.

Please note that we recommend that you select a Core VPS or Core Server only if you are an experienced developer or administrator who actually requires root access on your server. Certain server customizations may not be supported or correctable by our staff. Are you not sure what a virtual private server (VPS) is? Learn more here!

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