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Is Dedicated Web Server Hosting More Expensive? The Full Guide to Web Hosting Pricing

  • Dec 08, 2021
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  • by Kate Meda

When you’re starting your website or perhaps upgrading your website, things can get pricey. From paying for a developer to purchasing a domain name to buying a web hosting plan, costs add up quickly. The question of the day is “is dedicated web server hosting more expensive?” The answer is a resounding yes. But why is it more expensive? In this guide, we’re going to take a look at web hosting prices and why they are the price they are. 

Why Do Hosting Costs Matter?

Hosting costs occur over the lifetime of your website. If you have a website, there’s no getting around the price tag associated with hosting it unless you own and run your own server (if you do–great!). Chances are you don’t run your own server so cost is important. 

At initial sign-up, most hosting companies offset the costs of starting a new website by offering promotional discounts for your first billing cycle. After this billing cycle is over, your hosting package goes up to the original price which is considerably more expensive. This is a common complaint we receive. But why does the price go up? 

Beyond the dollar figure, quality and performance impact your website first and foremost. Money is important, of course, but if your site is slow, you’ll lose customers and as a consequence, lose money. In this sense, cheaper isn’t always better

Paying for subpar hosting can mean slow loading times, leading to more bounces and fewer conversions–an estimated 7% drop. 

If you’re trying to save money, save it in other places. Skimping on your hosting is the last place to start because you don’t want a poorly performing website. 

The trick is to keep costs low but find the perfect ratio of quality to affordability. This is what we offer at A2 Hosting. 

So, what are you paying for? 

With the cost of managed web hosting, you’re paying for:

  • Security and security patch updates
  • Turbo-fast speeds
  • High-quality 24/7/365 support on tickets, phones, and LiveChat
  • 99.9% uptime 
  • Scalability 
  • Backups 
  • Free email
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • And more, depending on the plan


Basically, you’re paying for the additional services required to keep your website secure and up-to-date. 

Notice we said managed web hosting above. Managed web hosting includes these additional services that unmanaged servers don’t. 

That’s why our Managed and Unmanaged Dedicated server plans have vastly different prices. 



Dedicated Hosting Pricing
Our unmanaged bare metal dedicated prices.
managed bmd prices
Our managed bare metal dedicated prices.

As you can see, our unmanaged Dedicated hosting plans are less expensive than their managed counterparts. That’s because unmanaged plans don’t offer the support, security, and updates that managed plans do. 

Unmanaged plans are priced cheaper because they don’t offer:

  • 24/7/365 support
  • Server configuration
  • Security
  • Regular server-side updates


With an unmanaged server, you get what you pay for. They’re great for experienced developers who know how to handle the complications of maintaining a server, but for everyone else, stick with its managed counterpart. 

How can I lower the cost of my web hosting?

1. Choose a hosting provider you can trust. 

At A2 Hosting, our introductory Shared Hosting Startup plan starts at $2.99/monthly. Even though it’s a low-cost server, it still includes stellar performance. 

We have servers around the globe so you can choose the location to best meet your needs for latency and reliability. 

2. Choose a longer contract.

The longer contract you choose, the less expensive your web hosting package is. 

Once your first contract expires, your plan often renews at a higher rate. To offset the higher cost down the line, lock in that discounted rate for as long as possible. 

For example, our Turbo Boost is on sale for $83.88 for three years or $6.99/monthly. Then, after three years it renews at $755.64 yearly. If you choose only a monthly billing cycle, the first month is $15.99, but every consecutive month is $20.99. Choosing a longer billing cycle saves you money long-term if you’re willing to make the short-term investment. 

The difference in monthly vs yearly pricing
Our plans are less expensive if you sign-up for a longer billing cycle. Notice this plan’s 36-month contract compared to its 1-month price.

3. When in doubt, start with a Shared plan.

The majority of new websites are better off starting with a shared web hosting package. It’s an entry-level hosting package allowing costs to stay low in the beginning. Unless you’re expecting a large volume of traffic at your website’s launch, shared hosting is enough for your needs. 

You can always upgrade at any time. As our sales team always says, it’s easier to upgrade than to downgrade. Upgrades are free, but downgrades cost $25 to migrate so it’s best to start small and scale-up. 

At A2 Hosting, we couple affordability with speedy plans. We offer generous discounts to get your business going and if you’re an existing customer, our sales team will work with you to come up with a more affordable solution. 

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