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What is Joomla? McDonald’s and Sony know, and you should too!

  • Jun 20, 2016
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  • by A2 Marketing Team

As a web design professional, your job is to build reliable web pages. To do this effectively and profitably, you must find web hosting services that meet your needs. In addition, your web host must be easily installed, affordable and adaptable to future technologies. This is exactly why it pays to work with web hosts that are help in such high esteem, major companies and corporations gladly use their systems to craft their own websites.

Joomla has a high profile clientele

It comes as no surprise that multinational corporate giants like McDonald’s and Sony Consumer Products use Joomla. The Internet is filled with web pages designed with Joomla, some of which you may already have visited on your own. These include artistic web based periodicals like Outdoor Photographer Magazine  and the literary web pages of PlayShakespeare. Established leader of the Ivy League Colleges, Harvard University utilizes Joomla for their website. Likewise, financial giant Citibank has designed their corporate intranet system also using Joomla based hosting technologies.

What is Joomla and how can it help me to build my next website?

Joomla has become one of the most requested website software systems for use by professional web developers and designers. This award winning CMS (Content Management System) is available at no cost as an open source online program. Its soaring popularity can be directly traced to adaptive functionality, speedy interface installation and creative flexibility.

The many uses of Joomla!

Joomla is enjoyed regularly by a community of over 200,000 users. As of 2014, it is estimated that their web hosting programs have been downloaded millions of times by users in countries around the globe. At the present time, over 7,000 free and commercial extensions can also be downloaded for use as extensions. Joomla is routinely applied to the development of websites of all lengths, sizes and varieties. These include everything from corporate web portals, government web pages and e-commerce based websites. Developers regularly use Joomla to create both Intranet and Extranet web pages for their high profile clients.

No client is too big or too small

Profit and non-profit websites benefit from its user friendly interface. Schools, local government, community organizations and church affiliated websites gain followers when designed with Joomla. Online publications like newsletters, newspapers and magazines are another way to enhance any client’s online appeal. Web designers also enjoy using Joomla for the creation of their own blogs, business and personal websites.

Joomla improves productivity

Joomla installs easily, making it convenient for users at both entry and advanced levels. An excellent example of this is their quick installation options. Joomla offers a single click installation, allowing new users to have their website up and in running order within a matter of minutes. This simplicity gives website developers and designers the ability to meet client deadlines. Should any user have questions, the ever-expanding Joomla community is both friendly and highly supportive of new members.

A happy client is a return customer

Websites that can be set up and maintained efficiently, make any web professional look good. This is especially true of those who work in competitive markets. As an added bonus, more self-sufficient clients can be taught to manage aspects of their websites on their own. For those clients who require flexibility in their functionality, Joomla has a myriad of extensions available in their Extensions Directory. Not only are most of these extensions absolutely free under their General Public License, but they download quickly as well.

A2 Web Hosting is made easy with Joomla!

For those developers and designers who specialize in A2 Hosting, Joomla offers an even higher degree of performance with their “SwiftServer” platform. Joomla users are also free to choose their unique “Turbo Servers” that are up to twenty times speedier than most web hosting sites available for download. The “Turbo Servers” have an another advantage, with an A2 “1-click catching setup” included by Joomla for the convenience of their users. And as with all of their products, Joomla offers a customer satisfaction money back guarantee.

Set-Up Made Easy

Joomla is proud to introduce their “Softaculous” tool, developed for the sheer convenience of “1-click” set up. It can be found on their control panel or “cPanel” for users to try. As soon as a new version of Joomla becomes available online, all it takes is one click to install it yourself. Time constrained web professionals no longer have to wait an extra minute to produce faster performing and higher quality websites.

Friendly Support Options Abound

When you use Joomla for your web hosting duties, you never feel alone. If and when you have questions, all it takes is an inquiry to their support group known affectionately as the “Guru Crew.” These knowledgeable support members are available on a 24/7, 365 day a year basis. Everything from the simple to the serious is handled with honest concern. Representing hosting servers backed by a “99.9% Up-time Guarantee” – it is no wonder that they are eager to speak to Joomla users all over the world.

How can I start using Joomla?

Starting any Joomla hosted website is easy when you open a web-hosting account. New users may start downloading and installing Joomla themselves. An alternative method is to use an auto-installer to access Joomla. Once installed, your website is able to add extensions as required. This means virtually anything from adding Joomla templates to sites in-development, to third-party developed extensions on existing pages.

No Risk for new users

One of the ways that Joomla has grown in popularity is their free and risk free availability. Their policy does not differ depending upon the size or complexity of your project. To begin, everyone is invited to download and test out their Joomla web hosting capabilities for free with a 90 day cost-free demo. Later on, it doesn’t matter whether you use Joomla for a simple series of personal web pages or to construct complex corporate websites. Joomla’s comprehensive “Money back Guarantee” still applies.

Speaking of no-risk Joomla service, visit A2 Hosting for high speed Joomla Hosting with a Money Back Guarantee!

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