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OpenCart Improvements – Three Overlooked Features

OpenCart offers a number of benefits to online store owners everywhere. Its sleek, intuitive design has made opening and maintaining an online store easier than it has ever been before. OpenCart improvements includes a design that has been optimized so your site looks good no matter what device you open …

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Choosing a Web Host: 5 Key Factors to Look Out For

Many web hosts are cheap, but frugality can come at a cost. Sometimes, low prices signal that a web host won’t provide the type of support and resources most businesses really need. If you’re a business owner who’s never gone through the process of working with a web host, you’ll …

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Top 3 OpenCart Features Making Checking Out In The Cart Easier.

OpenCart makes it easy for solopreneurs, small businesses and even large corporations to set up a functional, secure, easy to use online store. As an open source software, OpenCart incorporates the ideas and solutions from today’s best and brightest technology minds. One of the reasons OpenCart has enjoyed enduring success …

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10 Tips For Getting Even Faster Support Answers

fast support answers

Something we strive for everyday is to offer the type of service we would want to use ourselves. A large component of that is providing service that promotes the fastest page loads possible. We also work hard to provide fast, accurate answers to support questions. As you can imagine, the …

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MailChannels – Email Account Protection


At A2 Hosting, we use an email relay service called MailChannels. It helps us identify any spammers, improves email reputation and ensures reliable delivery of our customers email. It ultimately helps us stay one-step ahead of spammers. How A2 Hosting Customers Benefit Email accounts are sometimes hijacked and used for …

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