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Top 4 Places to find Opencart Templates

OpenCart is one of the most popular eCommerce shopping cart programs out there because it’s easy to setup, cheap to operate, and flexible. The software offers everything you need to create a fully-functional online store and can be further modified using extensions and integration. But there is one area where …

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7 Compelling Reasons to Install the WordPress Jetpack Plugin

Perhaps the primary reason for WordPress’ astonishing popularity is that it encapsulates so many features within such a user-friendly environment. Its functionality is not only limited to the WordPress ‘core’, however; that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The tens of thousands of plugins available for WordPress truly makes it …

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Coming Soon: New & Improved My A2 Hosting

We’re excited to announce a redesigned, updated My A2 Hosting, tentatively scheduled to launch on July 4th! Improving your user experience at A2 Hosting was a big reason behind the update. My A2 Hosting’s new and improved block, graphical interface is both easier on the eyes and easier to use. There’s …

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Prestashop vs. Opencart

The Right Platform Taking your business to the next level can include a variety of steps. The most important of these steps is moving your business online. This is especially true if you want to remain competitive in the modern market. If you want to take that step and boost …

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7 Ways To Earn Money With Your Blog

Most bloggers don’t do what they do simply for the fun of it. Sure, there are some out there who only want an outlet for their voice, but most bloggers have other goals in mind. The primary purpose of just about any blog is to drive traffic to a site …

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