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Single Click cPanel Login Brought To You Courtesy Of The A2 Hosting Suggestion Box

If you are an A2 Hosting customer with one of our hosting products that includes the cPanel control panel, you will see a welcome sight the next time you log into your My A2 Hosting account. At the top, middle portion of the page is a brand new cPanel Quick Login section with buttons pointing directly to the cPanel account used to manage each of your hosting accounts. Click the button and you will be automatically directed to and logged into the corresponding cPanel account. It couldn’t be easier to log into your cPanel account!

The previous process to log into cPanel from My A2 Hosting required at least three clicks. It was a process that we readily admit wasn’t the most intuitive and we knew we needed to use our available resources to make it easier for you. What really encouraged us to make this update were suggestions from our customer base we received through our Suggestion Box!

The Suggestion Box

You may not be familiar with our Suggestion Box or you may have forgotten that it’s available. There’s a link to it just below the Quick cPanel Login section of your My A2 Hosting account. Our Suggestion Box is there for you to send us your constructive thoughts and ideas about our services and website. We want to hear from you! Rest assured that we read each and every suggestion that you send. Many of our best improvements, like our Quick cPanel Login button, originated from our users through our Suggestion Box.

We want your feedback! We’re listening to you! Send us your suggestions now!

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