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The Dramatic Performance Increase Of PHP 7

In previous blog posts, including our comparison of HHVM vs PHPNG, we talk about how PHP 7 typically beats HHVM by up to 20% and it is up to 100% faster than PHP 5.6 (even though we do need to run our own performance comparisons here at A2 Hosting). These numbers are definitely provide a nice broad overview of the dramatic performance boost and memory efficiency enhancements offered by PHP 7.

Thanks to this PHP 7 Infographic from Zend, we can get a better idea of the performance you care about; the performance of the software applications you use like WordPress, Magento, Drupal and SugarCRM.

PHP 7 Increased Performance:

*WordPress – PHP 7 can perform over 95% more requests per second than PHP 5.6.

*Drupal – Drupal 8 runs 72% faster on PHP 7 and can perform over 73% more requests per second than PHP 5.6.

*Magento – Can run over 68% more requests per second with PHP 7 compared to PHP 5.6.

*SugarCRM – PHP 7 can process well over twice as many requests per second compared to PHP 5.6

*Laravel & Zend Framework – On these PHP frameworks, PHP 7 processes over 70% and over 95% respectively per second compared to PHP 5.6.

Please note that while PHP 7 Hosting is available on our Turbo servers, we cannot guarantee compatibility with these applications or any other applications as PHP 7 was just released for beta. PHP 7 is scheduled for a November 2015 release however.

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