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Learn More About the New Joomla 4 Home Dashboard

  • Sep 29, 2021
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  • by Milton Parada

Joomla 4 Is Here!

The new version of Joomla was released this year, but what’s the big deal about the new Joomla 4 dashboard?

With this upgrade to Joomla 4 users will get a redesign, new functions, greater speed, and better security. This new Joomla experience is built to give a more modern user experience, a meaningful new look, and to create an environment that is much easier to use. With this upgrade came a refresh of the Joomla Control Panel. Keep reading for a guide on the new changes to this tool!

New Features

Joomla 4’s new dashboard has quick access icon modules such as Site, System, Notifications, Last Actions, and more. These modules are customizable so you can control the quick access icons that you want to display on your dashboard and make the organization of your dashboard fit your needs.

Joomla Dashboard

The main menu is on the right side, with functions similar to Joomla 3:

  • Content: Article management, Category management, Featured Articles, Fields, Media, Site Modules, Administrator Modules
  • Menus: Administration of Menu Items, Control of menu positions
  • Components: Administration of installed components
  • Users: User manager and user groups, access levels, and others

Joomla 4 Menu

One of the most notable changes is that by clicking on System, you will have access to everything including Global Configuration, Installation of Extensions and languages, template management, maintenance, information, updates, user permissions, and other functions.

Joomla 4 System Dashboard


Excited about the new look and feel of this dashboard and want to know how to update your site to Joomla 4? Check out our related blogs below!

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