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Configuring domain settings

The following articles show you how to set up your domain. Learn how to set up DNS for your account, transfer a domain, configure custom name servers, and much more.

Introduction to domains

Learn the basics of domain names, DNS, and more. If you are new to web hosting, we recommend you start here.

Transferring a domain to A2 Hosting

If you purchased a domain name with another registrar, you can transfer the domain's billing and administration to A2 Hosting. Learn how here.

Setting the name servers for a domain

If you already own a domain that you purchased from a different registrar or hosting company, you can change the domain's name server settings to point to A2 Hosting. Learn how here.

Accessing your web site before DNS propagation is complete

When you update your domain's name server settings, you must wait until DNS propagation is complete to start using your domain name. In the meantime, however, there are other ways you can view your web site, and this article shows you how.

Configuring custom name servers

Reseller, VPS, and Flex Dedicated Server accounts can use custom nameservers. Learn how to set them up here.

Domain management for unmanaged products

This article describes how to set up your domain on an unmanaged product (Cloud VPS, Dynamic VPS, or Flex Dedicated Server).

Configuring reverse DNS

Reverse DNS (also known as rDNS) uses PTR records to associate IP addresses with domain names. This is the opposite of regular DNS, which uses A records to associate domain names with IP addresses. Learn about the uses of reverse DNS and how to configure it for your account here.

Setting the name servers for a domain at OpenSRS

This article demonstrates how to update the name servers for a domain registered at OpenSRS.

Setting the name servers for a domain at GoDaddy

This article demonstrates how to update the name servers for a domain registered at GoDaddy.

Changing your account’s primary domain name

You can change the primary domain name associated with your A2 Hosting account. Learn more here.

Using shared URLs to access your site

You can access your web site using a shared URL (also sometimes called a "temporary URL"). This feature is useful if your domain name settings have not been configured yet, or for testing purposes.

Adding an SRV record to a domain

Learn how to add an SRV record to your domain's DNS records in this article.

Anycast DNS

By default, shared and reseller hosting accounts use Anycast for DNS routing. Learn more about Anycast, and how to optionally set regional name servers for your domain, in this article.

Domain types explained

Want to know what all those domain types are in your control panel? This article explains them.

Wildcard Subdomains

Finding your hosting IP address

This article shows how to find the IP address for your hosting account.

Configuring a .dk Hosted Custom Name Server

How to configure a .dk hosted custom name server.