How to configure a .dk hosted custom name server

The .DK registry requires all nameservers of domains used with the TLD have nameservers that are properly registered through the .dk Hostmaster.

Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated clients need to configure nameservers as they are unable to use their assigned * NS records for any .dk domains.

Check Domain Availability

First, you must check if the domain you would like to use is available by checking .dk’s registry. (If the domain name is not available, you can reserve a spot on the waiting list.) If the domain is available, the domain needs to be registered on .dk’s site. 

Add Records For Custom Name Servers

If you have a managed VPS or a managed Dedicated Server, you do not have to add any A records, because A2 Hosting has set them up for you. (Though if you want, you can view, set up, and modify the A records yourself in cPanel by using the Simple or Advanced DNS Zone Editor.) If you have an unmanaged VPS or a reseller account, you must set up the A records.

Register .dk Hosted Custom Name Server

After you have verified that your domain has the correct A records configured, you can register the name servers with the .dk registry.

  1. Specify the new name server by filling out Hostname and the IP address:

    Specify the name server

  2. Provide your name and email address under Contact Information:

    Contact details

  3. You will then select the manager for your name server. There are two delivery methods:

    1. Yourself: Use this setting if you’re the manager. This will prompt the registry to send an email to the address you provide for the next steps. 
    2. Request by email: This option will send an email to whatever address you provide for followup. This option is useful if you are not planning on managing the name server.

    Name server manager

  4. The next prompt will ask you to confirm the information you have provided is correct:

    Confirmation details

  5. A receipt will be provided detailing all the information that has been given:


  6. The registrant or the proxy must now approve the request. The receipt will be sent to the email of the name server manager. You will then be notified (via email) if the registrant or proxy has approved or denied the request.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for any additional name servers.
Resellers: After you register the name servers with the third-party provider, go to the A2 Hosting Customer Portal to open a ticket. Please let us know the names of the newly configured custom nameservers so we can add them to the A2 Hosting DNS cluster.

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