How to apply a credit to your account

This article explains how to apply a credit to a new purchase or to an existing A2 Hosting invoice.

Applying a credit to a new purchase

To apply a credit to a new purchase, follow these steps:

  1. Place the order for the product or service that you want on the A2 Hosting Customer Portal at
    For information about how to place an order for a web hosting package, please see these articles.
  2. When the Payment Method list box appears, select PayPal or Check or MO.
    You must choose one of these payment methods to ensure the credit is applied correctly, even if you intend to pay the remainder of the balance using another payment method.
  3. When the invoice appears, click Back to Client Area.
  4. In the client area under Due Invoices, the invoice should show the credit amount applied.
  5. If there is a balance remaining on the invoice, click Pay All to pay the remainder of the balance for the invoice.
    You cannot apply a credit to an invoice after it is generated.

Applying a credit to an existing invoice

You do not need to follow any special steps to apply a credit to an existing invoice. Any credit on your account will be automatically applied to the next invoice you pay.

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