United States sales tax policy

This article discusses A2 Hosting policies regarding sales tax in the United States.

The information in this article is provided per our Terms of Service. This topic has specific legal ramifications, and you should consult your own legal professional for additional guidance.

Sales tax

A2 Hosting products and services are subject to sales tax in certain states which impose sales tax.  Currently, the states included are:

  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin
  • South Dakota
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina 

How sales tax is calculated

Sales Tax is calculated on the sales price of each product or service purchased. The rate used to calculate sales tax is based on the customer billing address and the type of product purchased. An “Estimated Tax” is displayed at checkout when placing an order. The amount displayed as estimated tax may then be updated later when your order is finalized and completed. Since the laws in each state vary, the taxability of each product or service is based on the tax laws of the jurisdiction of the billing address. Since A2 Hosting does not ship tangible goods, all products and services are assumed to be received in the jurisdiction of the customer billing address.

What is taxed?

Products and services sold by A2 Hosting may be subject to sales tax. The products and services can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Domain Names
  • Web Hosting
  • Other Add on products and services

Tax charges are listed on your invoice. Tax is applied to taxable products and services based on the tax laws of the customer billing address. Taxes collected are paid to the taxing entity in compliance with local requirements.

Applying for an exemption

If your business is not subject to sales tax, we can add your tax exemption number to our records and waive sales taxes for products and services purchased through your account.   Please send your exemption certificate to [email protected].

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